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Convergence weaves complexities

Consolidation, competition and convergence between hardware, software and services are transforming the technology industry, dramatically increasing the need to invest in new technologies and products.

Today’s customers expect integrated solutions complemented by support services. Many companies have capitalised on this - providing web based software and service instead of (or in addition to) a traditional upfront licensing model. This combination entails more complex transactions and business arrangements.

Meanwhile the growing importance of reduced power consumption in data centres has led many companies to increase their investment in research and development. As the product development cycle continues, companies face a variety of financial and operational challenges, including increasingly complicated financial reporting rules and tax regulations.

BDO’s technology experts understands what these issues mean for the industry and, most importantly, how to ensure your business is in a position to seamlessly execute and manage complex business arrangements. BDO helps technology businesses by offering:

  • Expert advisors with in-depth knowledge and experience
  • Market intelligence and insight into industry best-practices
  • Strategies to help you optimise innovation in product design
  • Effective supply chain management solutions
  • Help navigating complex financial reporting requirements.