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Disruption meets regulation: support for navigating change

Telecommunications, once considered among the most stable industries, has seen game-changing technological disruptions in recent years. Intensive competition has driven industry consolidation as well as diversification with many providers adding non-traditional services to their portfolios.

Regulations, financial risks, currency exchange fluctuations, data privacy, short supply chains and limited supplier pools are major risk issues for telecommunications providers.

The regulatory environment is of particular importance. The industry is heavily regulated both in Australia and globally. In particular, applying the International Financial Reporting Standard 15 is a challenge, with the need to invest in more capable IT systems to record the necessary data to become compliant with the standard.

Providing expert advice to help navigate change is what BDO does best.

Our telecommunications advisors are well-informed of the challenges and opportunities in the industry, locally and on a global scale. Our experience and resources enable us to effectively partner with you, wherever you do business, providing insightful and innovative advice for your evolving needs.