Global Risk Landscape Report - A Fragmenting World

Supply chains are breaking and changing like never before. Geo-political tensions, the climate crisis, the after-effects of a global pandemic and cyber security scares all create a hugely challenging network of risks for businesses in 2022. But how are businesses focusing on supply chain resilience, efficiency and sustainability amid the gathering storms from around the globe?

We surveyed 500 C-suite executives across Australia, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas for the seventh year running to understand their approach to risk management and how they are responding to global events that threaten their businesses.

Marita Corbett, BDO Australia’s National Leader for Risk Advisory, has analysed the data from the Australia and Asia Pacific survey respondents and prepared a white paper which explores the business risks and attitudes of our region.

Key findings include:

  • 73% of APAC leaders admit they are unprepared to deal with geopolitical tensions
  • Russia’s war in Ukraine has impacted local businesses with 45% seeing increased energy costs and 34% reporting supply chain disruptions resulting from sanctions
  • Only 17% of C-Suite respondents claimed the situation in Ukraine had not affected their business
  • 20% said climate change and natural disasters are a significant priority for their supply chain.

Download white paper

New challenges continue to appear on the horizon, threatening to impact supply chains for years to come, download our full report to learn more about what countries are doing to boost their supply chain resilience.