BDO Business Outlook 2021

Against a backdrop of continual change and a myriad of market influences, the future of the Australian economy is taking shape.

New work practices, technology and consumer behaviours are all shaping the way we live and work, and understanding the interplay between each factor is crucial to success in today’s operating environment.

At this year’s 2021 BDO Business Outlook, we heard from The Demographics Group’s Simon Kuestenmacher, as he shared his observations about the demographic, economic and societal trends to be aware of, and the impacts they’ll have on business and the future of work.

A panel of leading industry commentators then joined Simon to discuss the big issues impacting the sectors driving Queensland’s growth, outlining what they mean for doing business in the Sunshine State.

Watch the keynote

Watch the panel discussion

Our speakers:

  • Simon Kuestenmacher - Co-founder & Director, The Demographics Group
  • Priscilla Radice - CEO, Infrastructure Association QLD
  • Maxine Horne - CEO, Vita Group
  • Chris Catanzaro - Partner, BDO
  • Madonna King - Journalist and Commentator