BDO Business Outlook 2022

With international markets arguably more connected than ever, it’s impossible to consider Australia’s economic prospects in isolation of broader global events. The past 12 months have thrown almost every possibility at markets and leaders, with varied impacts across the world.

Against this backdrop of changing environments, the future of the Australian economy is taking shape.

At this year’s 2022 BDO Business Outlook, we heard from Queensland Investment Corporation's CEO, Kylie Rampa, who shared her observations on what the current environment might mean for our future. 

A panel of leading industry commentators will then joined Kylie to discuss the big issues impacting the sectors driving Queensland’s growth and what they mean for doing business in the Sunshine State.

Watch the Keynote

Watch the panel discussion

Our speakers:

  • Kylie Rampa – CEO, Queensland Investment Corporation
  • Adrian Schrinner – Lord Mayor of Brisbane
  • Steven Sorbello – Brisbane Office Managing Partner, BDO
  • Alana Barlow – National Hydrogen Commercialisation Manager, Sumitomo Australia
  • Madonna King - Journalist and Commentator