Daniella Biagi - My career at BDO

“BDO encourages me to bring my authentic self to the table each day and provides me the space and autonomy to steer my career in the direction I choose.” Daniella Biagi, Associate Director, Business Services

What attracted you to BDO?

The ability to work with a broad range of clients across a number of industries, from emerging businesses, to fast-growing corporate groups and high-income and high-net worth individuals. BDO offered the ‘big firm’ opportunity to diversify and extend my experience, with a culture that had a more personalised feel.

How does working at BDO differ from where you have worked previously?

BDO encourages me to bring my authentic self to the table each day and provides me the space and autonomy to steer my career in the direction I choose. From the recruitment process through to the current day, I’ve been extremely impressed by the way BDO has approached my employment.

What do you value about working for BDO?

My clients and the team. I am surrounded by a wealth of knowledge and also have incredible mentors and peers at BDO that hold me to my values and convictions, and I value this. BDO also actively supports my vision and involvement in the diversity and inclusion space - not only my committee and board commitments, but by participating in workplace initiatives or pilot programs. My vision is to ensure that everyone, in all their diversity - whether it be gender, generational, ethnicity, LGBTQi+, religion, disability or just a generally open mindset - have the same opportunities as everyone else.

Do you think BDO lives its values?

Absolutely. No organisation is perfect, but BDO’s values are evident everyday – particularly in our focus on relationships – with our clients, our co-workers and with the broader community.

Do your personal values align to BDO’s?

I really value the open and questioning mindset at BDO – it aligns to my belief that honesty and genuine discussion is the best way to constantly improve. BDO is embedding this at every level of the organisation and its culture, including brand, strategy and messaging. It is good practice to challenge your conscious and subconscious biases, and of those around you.

How does BDO support you to be a successful leader?

By providing opportunities to challenge myself and trusting me in my role. I like to stretch my abilities often and the opportunities here support my drive. I have an incredibly gifted team - BDO’s support enables me to empower my team in turn, through providing significant growth opportunities and a high degree of trust.

Why do you think your clients trust you?

Honesty is key to a relationship of trust with my clients – as is expertise, empathy and accessibility. I’m often involved in complex commercial transactions and projects which require abstract skill sets and persistency. My clients know that I am there for the highs and lows. Trust is built by doing what I say I will and delivering quality outcomes, but also by demonstrating the ability to think differently about solutions and tailor them to the specific client and their individual circumstances.

How do you know BDO and its leaders trust you?

They keep promoting me (just kidding!). It’s certainly a good demonstration of their level of trust, but it’s more than that. I’m given opportunities to stretch myself, guide others and allowed the space to be my best self. There’s no micromanagement, but a level of trust that I will deliver the absolute best outcome for our clients.

How does it make you feel each day when working at BDO?

Happy and motivated. I get a real kick out of seeing my clients and team grow with me, which in turn, fuels my own motivation and determination to continually improve as a person.

How would you describe the BDO culture in just three words?

Fun, diverse and dynamic.

As a female leader, what makes working at BDO rewarding for you?

It goes beyond being a female leader. There is a real commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity at BDO and my career development so far is a clear example of this. I come from a walk of life which is different to most, and I’m a young, female leader that has progressed quickly based on merit and professional acumen in such an historically conservative industry. In my commitment to and vision for equality, I find this both rewarding and promising for our emerging leaders from all walks of life.

The BDO values I most identify with are:

Human: Genuinely embracing the diversity of people in the workplace has a positive impact on all employees, and on the culture more broadly.

Heart: Empathy for our clients, our peers and our broader community is part of the fabric at BDO and you see it displayed openly. We demonstrate heart in everything we do.

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