Flexibility to study and work, why Monika likes working at BDO

How did you find your student experience joining BDO?

As a student joining BDO, I have found that my team and the broader firm have been supportive and understanding of my studies. They have afforded me flexibility in study leave, both weekly and during exam periods, which has helped me remain balanced in my study, work, and social life.

As an Undergraduate what stood out to you about BDO?

Joining BDO as an Undergraduate, what stood out most to me was the amazing culture. I experienced an immediate sense of comfort and inclusivity across the firm. The focus on collaboration and teamwork completely set BDO apart from other workplaces.

How has joining BDO had an impacted you personally and professionally?

Joining BDO has had a significant impact on me, both personally and professionally. On a personal level, I’ve made some great friendships and started building a professional support network which I think will carry me through the early stages of my career. Professionally, the technical and ‘soft skills’ I have begun to develop through my exposure to a wide range of client engagements and reviews have been invaluable.

What was your biggest surprise coming to BDO, and what made you stay?

My biggest surprise coming to BDO was my high level of involvement in client-facing work, which I didn’t expect to receive as an Undergraduate Consultant. This has been a key motivator to stay at BDO, as it has shaped and challenged my professional capabilities, and encouraged me to grow as a young professional.

Do you think BDO lives its values? If so, how? 

BDO lives its values of ONE, BOLD, HUMAN, STRIVE and HEART day-to-day through its focus on teamwork, evolving approach towards client work, authentic relationships, honest and transparent work, and building a community of care and compassion.

Can you think of an example of where you have experienced one of the BDO values in the workplace?

I have experienced the BDO value of ONE in all my work engagements. There is always a strong focus on collaboration, cooperation, and transparency among the team when we are working on a client engagement, to achieve the best outcome for the client, while also fulfilling set goals and objectives within the team. Encouragement and support are key to facilitating a sense of collaboration, and I think this has highlighted how BDO truly lives the value of ONE in the workplace.

How would you describe the BDO culture?

I would describe the culture at BDO as fun, collaborative, inclusive, and supportive. The culture promotes the well-being of all team members, and I have felt that firsthand through the activities organised in my team, as well as the social and wellbeing focused activities that BDO has facilitated firm wide.

What makes working at BDO rewarding for you?

The never-ending encouragement from my team members makes work at BDO so rewarding and fulfilling. My team members and leaders ensure that work is positively praised, and constructive feedback is provided when and where needed.

How has BDO/your leaders gotten to know you? 

Leaders within my team have taken the time and effort to get to know me by reaching out regularly to catch up one-on-one, through team meetings, and through social activities organised by the team. I have felt a conscious effort from leaders to facilitate honest conversations and check-ins, to ensure I am feeling comfortable with the workload and overall experience at BDO.

How does BDO support you in achieving your personal aspirations and career goals? 

BDO has supported me in my personal aspirations and studies, by providing flexible work arrangements and work-from-home options.

Through regular professional development reviews (PDR), my team leaders have ensured I am happy with the exposure to work I am receiving, and in the case where I have raised an interest in a certain sphere of client work, they have sought to involve me as much as possible, positively supporting my career goals.

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