"Inclusive & supportive", Harsh Joshi on his career at BDO

How did you find your student experience joining BDO?

My student experience has been very insightful. I’ve had the pleasure of working with many clients in various industries. The BDO Risk Advisory team has always been there to help me out whenever I have experienced challenges or needed support.

As a Graduate what stood out to you about BDO?

What has stood out to me the most about BDO, is the ability to communicate freely with my Partners and Senior Managers. This has allowed me to constantly develop and grow my capabilities to become a better Risk Adviser.

How has joining BDO had an impacted you personally and professionally?

Since joining BDO, I have been able to grow my business acumen, through client projects and interactions with different industry leaders. Within Risk Advisory, my team constantly look for opportunities to help me grow and develop professionally. On a personal level, BDO has helped me to better understand my personal brand and how to present myself.

What was your biggest surprise coming to BDO and what makes you stay?

The approachability of senior management and Partners and the integrated team culture. Everyone collaborates regardless of their position.

Do you think BDO lives its values? If so, how? 

Yes, I truly believe that BDO lives up to its values. Everyone works as one unit, striving to be better every single day, while remembering we are all human, and we are here to grow and learn together.

Can you think of an example of where you have personally experienced one of the BDO values in the workplace?

When experiencing challenges, I have received constant support and reassurance to speak openly and had someone to guide me through any difficulties. Through this experience, I have experienced the BDO value ‘HEART’. The care and support provided to me has helped me to become a better employee and improve on my technical capabilities.

How would you describe the BDO culture?

BDO’s culture is very inclusive and supportive, which allows every person who joins the firm to feel included - regardless of your culture, gender, or beliefs. Unlike other employers, BDO cares for each individual and ensures that you are appreciated for the work that you do.

What makes working at BDO rewarding for you?  

Working at BDO, partners appreciate your efforts no matter how big or small the task. This appreciation of the contribution you make leaves a lasting positive impact on Graduates. This encourages and motivates you to do better, and ensures you feel valued within the team.

How has BDO/your leaders gotten to know you? 

BDO's leaders have gotten to know me through constant interaction. They are present in the office and available to speak to when needed. My team have gone out of their way to take me for coffee and get to know me on a more personal level. These moments allow you to feel included and let you know that the leaders care for you and appreciate you as a part of their team. 

How does BDO support you to achieve your personal aspirations and career goals? 

My managers at BDO have always supported and advised me on what I should do to develop my professional career and goals. The step by step approach taken by leaders has helped me grow my professional career.

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