Matthew Tang - Why I chose BDO

This article was originally published 9 March 2020. Matthew is now a Manager, Corporate Finance, at BDO in Australia.

When I started studying at the University of Western Australia, my original plan was to become a chemical engineer. I pursued a double major in Chemical Engineering and Finance, and while I was studying, I found that I really enjoyed the finance units.

In my second year, I became sure this was something I wanted to pursue for my career, so I ceased my Chemical Engineering studies and focused solely on finance. Once I completed my studies, I wanted to work locally in WA, and of all the corporate finance entities in the state, BDO caught my eye as one of the top firms to work for.

Why I chose BDO?

BDO is definitely an industry leader, and their valuation space in particular really excited me. I attended career fairs to get an idea of what was available in WA (I didn’t just tailor myself to corporate finance - I remained open to advisory, audit, and other areas), but when I spoke to the BDO team, they stood out.

The way they attended to my queries by showing a genuine interest in my preferences and strengths really differentiated them from other recruiters. I thought to myself that if I felt this valued merely as a potential graduate, then this must be a firm that truly values its employees.  

What it’s like in corporate finance

BDO’s corporate finance team is one of the largest in the WA market. Our team comprises of around 25 people, including Partners. The way the team is structured is that clients always have one junior staff member, one manager and one Partner overseeing their work at any given time. I’ve found this to be a good way of working because it streamlines the pipeline from analyst up to Partner approval. It also creates a conducive learning environment for junior staff, giving us exposure to meaningful work without compromising the quality for our clients.  

Sometimes I get to work with the Partners directly, which I find highly enjoyable and a great learning experience. Rather than sitting in an office with a closed door and having to get to them through a PA, the Partners in our team sit amongst us. They are extremely approachable and are always more than happy to help me with my queries.

What is next?

Keep learning. A piece of advice my manager gave to me is to use the early years of my career to gain exposure to everything. There are so many elements to corporate finance that are a part of our service offering, so all you have to do to learn them is put your hand up.

I will spend the next year trying new areas, and after that, I can start to decide what I really want to specialise in. I know I want to progress at BDO and I continue to enjoy the work that is coming through. My team recognises hard work and good quality, and I was right to think that BDO is a firm that truly values its employees.

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