More than crunching numbers - Cynara's Tax Graduate experience

How did you find your student experience joining BDO?

The best part about joining BDO as a Graduate is having access to a wide support network. From the recruitment team to the wider BDO community, everyone has been willing to offer their time and advice, which has helped guide me through the first step in my career.

What was your biggest surprise coming to BDO and what makes you stay?

I am always amazed by how genuine the people are. Everyone supports and respects each other in all aspects of our work. I really feel that I can be my authentic self at work.

What have you enjoyed about your service line and what didn’t you expect?

I like how varied our work is in Corporate Tax. It’s not just about crunching numbers, but also about how we can apply our analytical and research skills to different scenarios.

How have you experienced the BDO values in the workplace?

Every day I see my team living out the BDO value of ONE. Whenever I am approaching a new or unfamiliar task, I know that I can always reach out to my team for support.

Working together as ONE has made me feel more confident in my work and has encouraged me to offer a hand to others when they need it.

How would you describe BDO’s culture?

People are at the centre of our culture. BDO celebrates and recognises our own individual ideas, abilities, and unique perspectives. This has built an environment where I feel more confident to share things with my team.

What makes working at BDO rewarding for you?

Learning and gaining insights from my team whilst also feeling comfortable to share my own ideas has made me feel like a valuable part of the BDO team.

How have you been supported by leaders/managers in the firm?

My managers have provided me with a valuable mentoring experience by sharing insights into their careers, which has helped guide me on my own career path.

How has joining BDO has supported you to achieve your personal aspirations and/or career goals? 

The support from the management team and my peers at BDO has really helped push me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to take on new and exciting tasks. I feel more confident and willing to take on new challenges that come my way.

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