My Graduate experience in BDO Audit - Nadia

How did you find your student experience joining BDO?

The process of joining BDO straight out of university was a smooth one. The interviewing process was calming and not overwhelming considering it was, for many of us, our first time being placed in a full-time work environment.

It was great that BDO hosted a welcome event that allowed us to network and meet people before starting so that we knew some familiar faces on our first day. The buddy system provided us with a comfortable space to familiarise ourselves with BDO without having to worry about asking too many questions.

What was your biggest surprise coming to BDO and what makes you stay?

The biggest surprise coming to BDO is how much they provide for their employees both in and outside of work. BDO really cares for their staff and is always organising and encouraging activities outside of work. This allows colleagues to bond away from standard work hours, allowing relationships to be developed not only within teams, but also across service lines.

What have you enjoyed about your service line and what didn’t you expect?

Working in Audit has been enjoyable due to working closely in our teams every day. Coming into a 9 to 5 job, I expected to sit at a desk without much interaction. Working closely within teams has made the work more interesting thanks to an interactive workspace.

As a newcomer, I did not expect how closely I would be able to work with my team leaders and how engaged they would be with the entire team. This makes me feel like I am a significant part of each team I work with.

Lastly, I really enjoy working with so many people on multiple engagements as it allows me to be exposed to different working styles, which assists in building and developing my skill set.

How have you experienced the BDO values in the workplace?

Being Malaysian, my entire family lives abroad and working full time for the first time in a new role was extremely intimidating.

Working at BDO I have felt supported while being away from my family who live abroad. Having colleagues who support and understand my situation has given me a sense of belonging and made me feel welcome in this new environment and new stage in my life. It truly feels like I have a second family and it really shows how BDO embraces their HEART value.

What makes working at BDO rewarding for you?

The all-round experience and the opportunities to work on different clients with multiple people with varying expertise has broadened my horizon in so many ways.

How have you been supported by leaders/managers in the firm?

The BDO managers are always ready to provide valuable insights and advice in both work and non-work-related matters. They have been great mentors who put in time and effort to explain the reasons behind ‘why’ and not just provide answers to get the work done.

The managers at BDO make me feel supported by taking an interest in me and my career development to ensure that I am always on track. The multiple career conversations, goal setting sessions and catch-ups that are regularly revisited have made me feel reassured in my career.

They also repeatedly check in on my wellbeing to ensure the pressures of work are not becoming overwhelming and stressful and assist me in any way possible to mitigate this.

I have every confidence moving forward in my professional role with their constant support.

How has joining BDO supported you to achieve your personal aspirations and/or career goals? 

I have always been more on the shy side and have been encouraged to be more confident and sociable. BDO has allowed me to do just this through the many opportunities they provide and their overall support.

As I am still unsure of my future direction and career path, the vast exposure across various industries, with companies of all sizes, just in a single year has provided me a great deal of confidence and clarity in deciding and setting the path towards my aspirations and career goals.

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