Thriving through teamwork - Emma's journey in Tax

Thriving through teamwork - Emma's journey in Tax

How did you find your student experience joining BDO?

I found joining BDO to be a very easy and welcoming experience. From the moment I was made a graduate offer, I was invited to team-bonding events and received communications from people within my team even though I wasn’t due to start my role for a few months.

Everyone, from the recruitment team to my own team, was quick to respond and communicative. There were constant check-ins to ensure that everything was going smoothly, which made a big difference as I was starting out in my career.

What was your biggest surprise coming to BDO and what makes you stay?

Working at BDO has changed my perspective of what a 9-5 corporate job is like. I didn’t expect an office job to be as fun and rewarding as it is at BDO.

We’re constantly provided with opportunities to socialise and recharge – whether it be during the monthly office activities, our team bonding days, or even just having dedicated catch-up time with the managers to talk about anything.

What have you enjoyed about your service line and what didn’t you expect?

I love the team I work with in Corporate Tax, everyone is so friendly and fantastic to work with. Even over a year into my time in the team I still find myself wanting to come into the office almost every day just to spend time with everyone.

I didn’t expect the dynamic in the team to be how it was. It doesn’t feel like there’s a hierarchy and I don’t feel restricted in the work I perform because of the level of my role in the team.

Can you think of an example where you have experienced one/or any of the BDO values in the workplace? (Identify which value & how).

I see each of the BDO values in play in my team every day. However, most commonly I see my team embracing the value of ONE. I never feel as if I have to figure out anything alone, everyone is willing to help out, regardless of whether it is one of their usual clients.

Within my team, if someone has a tricky question you often see everyone in the office coming together to help solve the problem. I never feel afraid to ask questions because everyone collaborates and helps each other.

How would you describe BDO’s culture?

The culture at BDO is very welcoming and inclusive, and it’s obvious that culture is a big focus of my team and the firm. I feel like I can be myself without judgement and have a lot of fun at work.

What makes working at BDO rewarding for you?

Any achievements that I have are well recognised, and I am constantly provided with work that challenges me. I can see the improvements in myself and my work, so I always feel like I’m progressing and learning.

How have you been supported by leaders/managers in the firm?

The managers in my team constantly provide feedback and support throughout all engagements, and everyone on the team is willing to take the time to explain anything I don’t understand without judgement.

The managers are active advocates for our professional development and career progression, whether it’s during our performance reviews or just on our day-to-day engagements. We are constantly provided with training opportunities to keep on top of trickier concepts and relevant changes to the area in which we operate.

The partners are just as approachable as everyone else in the team, and they actively recognise the work and efforts of all people on an engagement, not just managers.

Our upcoming campaign is centred around 'Be More at BDO'. Can you tell us how joining BDO has supported you to achieve your personal aspirations and/or career goals? 

The support from the team has allowed me to go outside my comfort zone in the work I perform. Since day one I have been provided with challenging work that has proven invaluable in allowing me to progress in my role. This has greatly improved my confidence and technical abilities.

The team is also very supportive of further education opportunities and made it so easy for me to complete my practical legal training so that I can be admitted as a lawyer. It feels as if my peers are just as excited about it as I am!

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