• 2018 Transparency Report

2018 Transparency Report

31 October 2018

BDO’s 2018 Transparency Report has been prepared to comply with the requirements of the Corporations Act. It also provides us with an opportunity to share our audit quality story.

Transparency reports are important because Auditors are ‘gatekeepers’ and have a critical role in ensuring that Australian investors can be confident and informed. High-quality audits support the quality of financial reports, promoting confident and informed investors as well as fair and efficient markets.

Audit quality has always been a top priority within the BDO network at all levels, globally, nationally and locally. Having invested and focused our efforts in this area over many years, we have now been rewarded with a very strong foundation that provides us with the ability to quickly and smoothly meet increasing expectations from standard setters and regulators.

Our 2018 report provides information about BDO, our systems of quality control, and independence procedures and practices regarding the auditing of certain entities considered to be in the public interest. As well as detailing our focus on quality, it also reinforces our commitment to exceptional client service.