Why data is paramount and what executives need to do to protect it - with Dr. Tom Redman

Why data is paramount and what executives need to do to protect it - with Dr. Tom Redman

Four pillars of data leadership with Tom Redman

Cyber threats are increasingly pervasive in today’s business world. The reason is simple: the hackers want your data. Your information is valuable on the dark web, and protecting that information starts with effective data management.

Executives must understand that data is paramount, and take consideration of data quality, because this truly matters to the success of an organisation. Leaders must consider their data practices in great detail, and they need to do this as a matter of urgency. For this reason, our Digital and Technology Advisory team sponsored an event about data leadership alongside the Data Management Association (DAMA), with guest speaker ‘the data doc’ Dr. Tom Redman.

Dr. Redman has four pillars to effective data leadership, which he spoke to at this year’s DAMA Data Leadership Breakfast in Adelaide.

  1. It’s all about the data. The data your hold is extremely valuable and unique – this is your point of difference, and it should be treated with such importance.
  2. Separation of data and information technology is paramount. The technology and the data are two different beasts, so it is important to separate their management in order to properly optimise them.
  3. Quality matters. Quality and productivity are closely linked – as your data quality increases, so does your productivity. When data is managed effectively, there is far less work to be done to use it on a day-to-day basis, and this higher quality data is far more trustworthy.
  4. People are paramount. You’re not going anywhere in your organisation without your people. By supporting your team with tools and training and getting them involved in data leadership, you will see significant results.

Our team of experts have the range and depth of experience to support your business – whatever your goals may be. For more information on data leadership and Dr. Tom Redman’s four pillars, please reach out to our Digital and Technology Advisory team.