Natural Resources Future Workforce Survey Results: Attracting the next generation: turning sceptics into changemakers

At BDO we are committed to helping the natural resources industry thrive in this time of challenge and need. As recruitment pressures grow, now is the right time to dispel the myths and misconceptions that are turning young people away from a career in the mining and oil and gas sectors.

This research report is designed to help us all better understand how to address Gen Z’s scepticism head on. We highlight what factors matter most to Gen Z when assessing their career options, and what talent acquisition and retention strategies could help natural resources companies position themselves as employers of choice.

Our research acknowledges that the natural resources industry is at a tipping point. Both Gen Z and the industry leaders represented in our research agree that the input of the next generation will be vital to the industry’s future. 84% of corporates and 75% of students agree that harnessing the talent, energy and imagination of today’s young professionals will be critical to future success for natural resources companies.

So how does the natural resources industry successfully embrace this fresh thinking and attract the top talent from Gen Z? Our research highlights six areas where natural resources companies can make practical changes today.

Download the full Future Workforce report to find out more.