BDO 2023 Year-End Tax Bulletin

As the 2022/23 financial year draws to a close, both individuals and organisations should consider the key tax planning and compliance issues they need to attend to by 30 June.

In this year’s BDO Year-End Tax Bulletin, we summarise the key tax measures from the 2023 Federal Budget and important updates from the last financial year. In addition, we outline ongoing year-end issues and considerations for taxpayers.

Covering a wide range of topics that are relevant to your specific tax planning needs, the bulletin includes:

  • Individual tax rates
  • Deductions
  • Trust distributions
  • Investment and Capital Gains Tax strategies
  • Company taxation
  • Employment-related changes
  • Tax accounting
  • Compliance measures.


The BDO 2023 Year-End Tax Bulletin provides an outline to help manage your compulsory tax compliance and year-end tax liabilities, but please note this is not comprehensive. Before acting on the information provided, you should consider your individual circumstances and consult your BDO tax adviser.