8 Street

The business issue

Located in major shopping centres across Brisbane and the Gold Coast, 8 Street is a food hall with a modern twist. Modelled on the traditional Asian-style street-food market, 8 Street brings an authentic Asian food experience to customers, offering many different cuisines hailing from countries across Asia.

Operating under a unique business model whereby each stall is leased and run by a small business (rather than as a franchise), 8 Street provides an opportunity for each outlet to showcase its unique food creations in a high volume location.

Following local market success, 8 Street is looking to expand further, currently scouting new locations to bring the experience to life across Australia. It is this drive for growth that saw its leaders turn to BDO for guidance.

The solution

8 Street Founder and Managing Director, David Wu, said, “We’re looking to take 8 Street national, and the key thing for us is to have BDO on hand as we move forward. When we have a new venture or deal I can reach out to Hung and know he will respond with a straight answer right away. So we can move quickly and make an educated decision with BDO’s expertise and knowledge behind it.”

Managing a successful and rapidly growing business brings with it challenges, and by partnering with BDO, 8 Street can focus its resources on continued growth, confident it is moving in the right direction.

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Sometimes, when you are running a business you can get lost, and you don’t know if what you are doing is right or wrong. Having BDO as a sounding board has given me the confidence to make those decisions and achieve our goals for the future.