Case study: Velrada's M&A journey

Case study: Velrada's M&A journey

Founded in 2009, Velrada is an enterprise-focused technology company, dedicated to providing businesses with a competitive edge and AI enriched solutions.

Velrada’s culture is centred around its people so when it came time to embark on an IPO, it was important to have an adviser that embraced similar values. 

“Having an adviser like BDO that really understood what Velrada was about was important to us,” said Jennifer Evans, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Velrada.

“BDO being a people business, it made sense that there was an alignment there.”

Prior to the transaction, Velrada was Australia’s largest privately owned Microsoft solutions and services partner. It facilitated digital transformation projects for some of Australia’s top companies and had an increasing global presence.

This landmark transaction in the Microsoft ecosystem was successfully completed following a dual-track process that contemplated multiple deal options, including listing on the ASX and divestment.

“BDO has the depth, the capacity and the capability to support the kind of transaction and the kind of growth that we had in mind. There are a lot of business brokers and advisers out there who don’t have that depth,” said Robert Evans, Co-founder and CEO, Velrada.

“BDO’s reach, knowledge and international network really supported us in being able to get the data to support our position and validate it.”

The transaction saw strong global interest from trade players and financial investors alike.

BDO’s solution

In pursuing an IPO and a trade sale process for Velrada, we needed to involve our global offices. Our methodical approach to the process saw us build some key transaction documentation to explain the narrative in a way that was easily understood by the market.

At BDO, we live by a philosophy where we seek to make the complex simple and the simple compelling.

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