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Communication is key to successful business relationships

If you have any property-related questions, Metcalf Group (SA) can answer them for you. Over the past 20 years, Gary Metcalf has incorporated all aspects of property development, marketing, project management, and real estate services for the residential and commercial sectors into his business, and carved himself a unique place in the property industry as an all-in-one service provider.

While knowing everything there is to know about property came easily to Gary, doing the accounts and working out strong growth strategies was a little more difficult. Luckily, his long standing relationship with Matt Laming from BDO meant there was an easy solution.

Several years ago, Metcalf Group (SA) and BDO set aside an afternoon to look at where the business was positioned at the time. They reviewed the company's future growth and budget forecasts and then investigated what resources Metcalf Group (SA) would need to support this. From there, monthly meetings were set up to report back on the forecasts and how the budget compared to actuals, which helped give Gary a comprehensive view of how the business was doing. Not only did BDO provide reports, Matt used his years of experience to give Gary as much expert advice as possible on where to go from there.

This communication has continued to the present day, and a BDO rep now sits in on Metcalf Group (SA’s) management meetings. This allows all members of the business to have as full a picture as possible of both individual projects, and the company's overall financial position.All of this means there's no more guess work involved in the budgeting-side of the business. BDO also took over Bookkeeping services for Metcalf Group (SA), which enabled the team to provide more in-depth feedback. As part of this, BDO helped Metcalf Group (SA) introduce a new accounting system, Xero, which allows for a better and more-timely understanding of the business, and keeps financial monitoring on track.

Communication is key to the successful BDO and Metcalf Group (SA) relationship. BDO is only a phone call away for Gary, and weekly face-to-face meetings mean BDO understands the business inside and out.

This strong relationship has enabled BDO to support Metcalf Group (SA) during both the hard times and the good. When Metcalf Group (SA) was going through a period of substantial growth, BDO helped the business to find resources for that growth. This included finance options, staffing, management, advice, and accounting procedures. Likewise, during the tough times, BDO has been able to provide support and advice so that Metcalf Group (SA) is now in the best position it's ever been in. This has allowed the company to bring security both to the people it employs, and their families.

In business you'll face a new challenge every day. Having access to the advice and support that's come from BDO has allowed Metcalf Group (SA) to tackle these challenges head on and ultimately succeed.

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The communication and expertise that's brought to the table allows me to get on and do what I do best, and that's grow our business, and allows them to do what they do best and run our business internally.