Mulgowie Farming Company

Mulgowie Farming Company is passionate about tending healthy soil, growing healthy produce to make healthy people. An Australian family-run business, they have been growing and packing vegetables for over 75 years, and with a spread of farms across Australia, including in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, Mulgowie Farming Company supply their produce all year round.

With a team of experienced farmers on board across the country, Mulgowie Farming Company isn’t slowing down, intending to be in business for at least another 75 years, underpinned by their sustainable farming practices. Seeing themselves as custodians of the land, Mulgowie’s farmers work hard ensuring their soils are in optimal condition for plants to grow and absorb nutrients and are confident their vegetables have the maximum amount of nutrients for their customer’s health.

Mulgowie Farming Company has maintained their growth by capitalising on new opportunities and mitigating risks and obstacles before they arise. As a long-standing client partnering with BDO’s Business Services team, Mulgowie Farming Company has been able to fully capitalise on emerging opportunities, finding the right solutions to the challenges faced along their growth journey.

Former Chief Executive Officer, Fabian Carniel says, “As demand for our vegetables grew, so did the need to surround ourselves with a team of skilled advisers. As we grow, we have been presented with new opportunities, but have also faced complexities and challenges with this growth.”

“BDO took the time to understand who we are, what we do, and why we do it. It was over 12 years ago we started our partnership with Rolf in the Business Services team. With his deep understanding of our business, he is able to walk in our shoes and help us stay ahead of the curve. Rolf anticipates what is ahead of us, and ensures we have access to the right information and advice when we need it.”

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Rolf Larsen and Fabian Carniel talk in the middle of a wheat field

BDO has joined us on a continuous improvement journey, we know we are receiving fit-for-purpose advice and are confident they can continue to serve our needs as the business grows.