Practice Ownership Consulting

Practice Ownership Consulting exclusively supports employee and associate dentists by educating and assisting them on the path to practice ownership. Led by Dr Nauv Kashyap, the organisation is Australia’s first consultancy dedicated to practice ownership education. From delivering sell-out seminars to providing tailored consulting services, Dr Kashyap’s focus is on helping associate dentists understand what is required when buying or starting their own dental practice.

What many people may not realise is the intricacies involved in running and ultimately owning a dental practice. Having this insight and understanding how each decision flows into the next along the journey is vital to Dr Kashyap’s success. Partnering with a business adviser that also has this level of industry and technical understanding is what he was seeking when reaching out to BDO’s Bhupesh Kaphle.

Bhupesh and his Business Services Team have provided Practice Ownership Consulting and its clients with niche accounting service for more than 5 years. Not only does BDO assist dentists with their accounting and business growth expertise, we conduct regular educational seminars to help keep them informed.

“BDO has provided accounting advice and also spent time in understanding the business of dentistry,” says Dr Kashyap. “Partnering with an established and reputable company like BDO gives increased credibility to my company and services.”

While the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the usual level of enquiry for Practice Ownership Consulting, business is not slowing down. Just like before the pandemic, BDO and Dr Kashyap have joined forces to deliver timely and relevant webinars for dentists. Recently the intention has just shifted to support and educate them about the government stimulus packages and how they could apply to their practices.

This focus on continued education won’t stop. BDO and Dr Kashyap share a desire to continually inform and guide dentists, to ensure the decisions they make along their growth journey are fit-for-purpose.

If you are looking to make the most out of new opportunities for your business, or how you can tailor your services to minimise the social and economic impacts of COVID-19, contact a BDO adviser today.

Dr. Nauv Kashyap, founder of Practice Ownership Consulting, works at a computer

The fact BDO has tailored its approach to the dental industry sets it apart. The team has spent the time developing significant intellectual property in this area.