Watkins Steel

Whatever the size or experience of your business, there’s a growing need to better understand your options for growth. Established in 1968 as a traditional steel fabrication company, see how Watkins Steel has evolved over time, and how we’ve supported them in achieving increased profit and sustainability.

The goal

BDO's relationship with Watkins Steel is driven by the desire to build an innovative business that achieves great profitability and sustainability in a highly competitive marketplace.

Owner and Managing Director Des Watkins has worked in the company all his life. While his father taught him everything he could ever need to know about steel, the financial aspects of the business were not his focus.

By his own admission, Des needed expert assistance to fill financial knowledge gaps and help take the business to the next level.


BDO works with Des to supplement his knowledge and understanding of the drivers in his business, while providing expertise and support in the areas of financial and tax management.

Over the years that Watkins Steel and BDO have worked together, we have developed a relationship built on mutual respect, innovative thinking and expertise, which has led to substantial increases in Watkins’ performance.

Revenue, customer base and bottom line have all increased significantly and the business is looking forward to a bright future ahead.

I consider Eddie a friend, and the more I communicate with him the better understanding he has of Watkins Steel. It’s not just Eddie though - you get the whole package with BDO, and we know they’re going to be with us every step of the way.