• Introducing our newest Partners and Associate Directors 2021

Newest Partners and Associate Directors 2021

BDO in Australia is proud to introduce 10 of our newest Partners and 19 newest Associate Directors.

Together with 15 new Partners appointed in February 2021, we are also delighted to have welcomed 25 new Partners over the last financial year, the largest Partner intake in the firm’s history.

These Partner appointments signal strong client demand and continued growth, taking BDO’s national tally of Partners up to 222.

Our culture is a key factor that both attracts new hires to BDO, and retains and promotes great people within. We continue to invest heavily in our people-centric approach and build upon our positive brand values and behaviour.

We invite you learn more about our newest Partners and Associate Directors and how they can help you meet your needs.

I started at BDO in the cadetship program of 2006, as a fresh-faced teenager straight out of high school. I was glad to be introduced to our Business Services division, which I today represent as a Partner. In my professional and personal life, building valuable and meaningful relationships has always been a priority.

The last 15 years at BDO has enabled me to work closely with both our wonderful team of staff and our clients to drive positive outcomes for people, their businesses and their livelihoods. This value is at the forefront of our offering at BDO, and one that I am proud to represent.


James Ainsworth

Partner, Business Services

I’m proud to be part of the BDO team, delivering solutions to clients as a trusted adviser. For me, a successful relationship is built on trust, integrity and openness. I work hard to earn my clients’ trust, ensuring I am a reliable sounding board they can turn to for advice at any stage throughout their business journey.

The challenges of the past year presented by COVID-19 have really highlighted how clients and their advisers can work together. Working with clients during this time to problem solve has been a personal highlight, guiding and assisting them through complicated JobKeeper legislation and intricate technical issues to create real value. As Partner, I am driven to helping our clients navigate their way through complex tax issues so they can devote time to their business.


Anna Berryman

Partner, Tax

I am thrilled to become a Partner at BDO to be able to further assist my clients with their financial reporting needs. I am passionate about working with organisations in the Not-For-Profit sector because I enjoy learning about the great causes they serve and how I can assist them with delivering a seamless audit with the best possible outcome.

I’m proud of the people, the values and the culture here at BDO, which help us to deliver exceptional service to our clients, along with our unwavering commitment to quality. Being part of one of the world’s leading audit and accounting firms means I’m also able to provide my clients with many other services through the Partners I work with, including quality insights and technical training. As a Partner at BDO, I am excited to combine my leadership and passion for the Not-For-Profit sector so we can continue to grow in this space and share further insights with clients.


Elizabeth Blunt

Partner, Audit & Assurance

BDO has an excellent reputation for audit quality. I’ve been part of the BDO family since 2007 where I started my audit quality journey and found my passion for audit methodology. As a Partner, I look forward to continuing to innovate our processes and embed behaviours that create an audit quality culture and drive consistency in the execution of audit and assurance engagements.

I’m proud to be part of a growing firm, doing what I love, every day – whether that’s leading the National Audit Quality team in delivering solutions on global projects, collaborating with colleagues to advance our audit methodology, or dealing with a complex technical matter to find the best solution. I’m passionate about helping our people through coaching and mentoring and being part of the development journey of our future talent. It’s also an opportunity to bring my experiences from competing and coaching in the sporting environment to the business world.


Jane Bowen

National Leader, Audit Quality, Partner, Audit & Assurance

The culture at BDO allows me to partner closely with clients to form a strong relationship and intimate understanding of their business needs and pain points. I am passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals, and delivering results that make a real difference to their bottom line.

My decades of commercial practice across Australia, Europe and the Middle East with multinational brands brings a wealth of significant experience I can then share with my clients to create a unique path to a successful outcome. At BDO, we are advisers of the future, meaning we have a strong ability to understand the market and predict demands, allowing us to create pragmatic solutions to be proactive and react quickly. I am excited to work alongside our dedicated People Advisory team and see how much we can make a difference.


Maryanne Carter

Partner, People Advisory
Pulin Desai

I started as a graduate at BDO almost 14 years ago in the Tax Division. I have been lucky to have worked with a group of leaders who have taken ownership of my career (including providing tremendous support) over the years. I still remember in my first six months at BDO, I got an opportunity to work on a tax compliance project for a client who was the Sydney Tax Division’s largest client at that time. I quickly learnt no two days are the same in the tax world.

I operate in the mid-market space where the clients are always looking to do something (either buy, sell or expand). I strive to become their trusted adviser by providing value-added services. As a Partner at BDO, I am passionate about solving client problems with lateral thinking. I am also excited to mentor staff members in their respective journeys at BDO.


Pulin Desai

Partner, Tax

I started with BDO as a graduate ten years ago, and loved the first Business Services team I got to work with. People were open, inquisitive and fun. For me, having come from a very different background, this was fresh and new, and in many ways, these free-spirited connections helped shape me as a person and not just a professional.

I have worked with many more teams since – and the connections remained and grew stronger. I am passionate about my clients and helping them understand their businesses, numbers and tax, guide them through the complexities of government regulations or market uncertainties, and plan and strategise together for the future. As I embark on this new role, I am looking forward to taking these relationships forward.


Svetlana Kolyasnikova

Partner, Tax

My experience as a banker means I bring my knowledge and skills to help people find the right finance solution. I’m interested in connecting people with the right lenders to help them realise their goals. Over the past six months, it’s been great to see Australians rally together, putting the worst of 2020 behind them. It’s this resilience of individuals and businesses alike that has brought people together. I see this resilience very clearly in BDO where our people act no differently to those in a family-owned business, looking out for one another with genuine concern for staff, clients and all stakeholders.

It is this people focus that sits in the centre of our guiding IDEAS | PEOPLE | TRUST principles. Having good people in your corner, at any stage of life, makes all the difference and is the foundation for a successful business. As Partner, I want all our clients to feel confident their finances are under control and they have access to the best available finance and advice in market.


Darren Stacey

National Leader, Finance Solutions
Partner, Debt Advisory
Byron Watson

Having spent ten years as a dedicated Transaction Services specialist, I am passionate about building trusted relationships and ensuring my clients achieve the best value from their transactions. BDO allows me to work on a variety of engagements on both buy and sell side, with clients ranging from small, private companies to large, listed companies and private equity firms. My goal is to continue to build a leading financial due diligence team and provide a high-quality service built on personal relationships. This offering complements our strong Valuations and M&A teams and I’m proud to be part of one of the largest Corporate Finance teams in Perth.

At BDO, clients value that we take the time to get to know their business and streamline our engagement to align with their processes. I chose to join BDO because of the reputation in the market; I think what makes us different is the quality of service and focus placed on developing relationships with clients.


Byron Watson

Partner, Corporate Finance
Matthew Williams

BDO has a brilliant reputation in the market with an extensive client base in a broad range of industries. The BDO values are our most important asset, it is how we work each day and why our clients trust us. During my short time here at BDO, I have met and worked with countless great people and I look forward to building upon these relationships.

In my position as Risk Advisory Partner, I aspire to build a team of highly motivated risk advisory professionals, who genuinely enjoy turning up to work each day. Throughout my career, I learned from remarkable leaders who provided me with a path to success and I aim to provide these opportunities to my team as well. Looking forward to my professional career here, I hope to build my legacy, leaving the risk advisory team and firm in a better position.


Matt Williams

Partner, Risk Advisory Services


► Associate Directors and Directors

Cameron Downing
Associate Director, Consulting
Georgia Griffin
Associate Director, Indirect Tax
Gavin Hennessy
Associate Director, Business Services
Thomas Howker
Associate Director, Tax
Joshua Law
Associate Director, Business Services
Tali Mackay
Associate Director, Financial Management Consulting
Shirley Moro
Associate Director, Business Services
Thomas Paul
Associate Director, Project & Infrastructure Advisory
Marie Ryan
Associate Director and Accredited Finance Broker, Finance Solutions
Eileen Tsai
Associate Director, Tax
Matt Antoni
Associate Director, Business Services
Silvio Colaluca
Associate Director, Corporate Finance
Martin Emilson
Director, Corporate Finance
Mark Karlson
Associate Director, Corporate Finance
Leigh Pearce
Associate Director, Corporate & International Tax, Indirect Tax
Angela Samakovlis
Associate Director, Tax
Jonathan Cave
Associate Director, Business Services
Brenda Chau
Associate Director, R&D Tax, Indirect Tax
Srinidhi Rao
Associate Director, Cyber Security


February 2021 announcement

An entrepreneurial spirit combined with a direct market approach seemed like a great fit with the business-oriented and client-focused values at BDO. We are a firm that genuinely supports its people and believes in a set of values that enable business opportunities to progress in an ethical way.

My role at BDO involves using my previous experiences and talents to work with my colleagues to develop our projects and infrastructure expertise into a national practice with the expertise and capacity to work across the project spectrum for any size engagement. We have started strong with new engagements in Queensland and an extremely busy first six months for our Sydney office, where we have won several major mandates.

With a focus on training and developing capability from inside BDO and providing a platform where the best talent in the market aspires to work, I enjoy being part of a close team that deeply cares about clients and each other.


Darren Black

Partner, Project & Infrastructure Advisory, Brisbane

I have always thrived on helping clients own, operate, and expand organisations they are proud of. While I assist clients across various industries, my passion is the Food & Agribusiness industry (pre and post farm gate). This stems from being raised on a cattle farm in South East Queensland, which provided valuable insight into rural life. As a Partner, I look forward to leading and developing an exceptional Business Services Food & Agribusiness team who are equally passionate about helping people in the sector.

Driven by the relationships I foster with clients and staff through understanding who they are, I provide solution-focused guidance to develop and deliver on their organisational, family and individual goals in a collaborative, respectful and practical manner. As a Partner at BDO, I am excited to combine my leadership and agribusiness passions to create tangible outcomes for industry, clients and staff.


Jodie Knowlton

Partner, Business Services, Brisbane

I am passionate about creating relationships with business owners and entrepreneurs by providing expertise to help them achieve their business and personal goals. As a Partner in Business Services at BDO, I strive to deliver ideas that create value to clients through my tax and advisory expertise and by collaborating with my BDO colleagues locally and across the global BDO network.

My personal experience as part of a multigenerational family business drives me to deliver the same exceptional standard of advice and support that has helped my family throughout the years. I’m proud to be part of BDO and work with a group of exceptionally talented people. At BDO, we truly live our values every day and provide a culture that supports our people to grow and achieve their dreams. As a Partner, I aim to uphold these values and encourage the people around me to be their very best.


Craig Mitchell

Partner, Business Services, Brisbane

I am passionate about supporting clients with their financial reporting needs. COVID-19 has certainly created a number of challenges, but also great opportunities when it comes to enhancing and streamlining corporate reporting. My objective is to continue the growth of the audit and assurance practice while developing innovative solutions and approaches that can provide added value for clients.

BDO's value of #Strive particularly resonated with me. I’m looking forward to being part of a firm that focuses on delivering the best possible outcomes to clients and takes pride in the quality of the services offered. I am also excited to be working on collaborative projects where I can bring my knowledge and experience learnt across Asia-Pacific and Europe to help our people to learn and grow.


Salim Biskri

Partner, Audit & Assurance, Melbourne

Returning to BDO was an easy decision for me – I’ve spent the majority of my career here, having started out as a graduate at BDO. When this opportunity came up, knowing the culture, along with the growth aspirations of the firm and the strong support from management to achieve our objectives, it was the obvious choice for me.

My goal is to lead a dedicated team focused on advising private business and their owners on their complex tax advisory needs to realise value. I’m also driven by seeing my team members realise their potential, so I’ll be working to provide the platform and opportunities for their career goals to be achieved.

I’m passionate about diversity & inclusion, and true collaboration. I believe we get the best of BDO when we bring unique viewpoints together to help solve clients’ problems, deliver great service and provide clients with real value.


Matt O'Byrne

Partner, Tax, Melbourne

Since working as a detailer whilst completing university I’ve always loved the automotive industry. I’ve been fortunate enough to advise some of Australia’s leading motor dealer groups through the acquisition and disposal of businesses as well as complex tax and succession related matters.

After more than a decade working across Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne and being fortunate to reach partnership at a global accounting firm, I made the decision to join BDO’s market-leading automotive practice in order to focus on my passion of privately owned businesses.

I’m most excited to leverage the opportunities provided by a national practice that is wholly focused on the private and middle markets, valuing these relationships that are so critical to success.


Sam Venn

Partner, Business Services, Melbourne

As a Partner I am passionate about helping my clients by being involved in all facets of their business, whether that be helping them to navigate through the complexities of the tax landscape, providing my views on broader business issues or co-developing commercial solutions. Importantly, my focus is on working with other leaders of the practice to instil the spirit of partnership and helping our people to develop and nurture their talents so they can aspire to reach their own professional and personal goals.

I’m excited to join BDO to continue to drive excellence in all we do, help our team deliver on our shared vision and strategy by living our values and injecting energy so we have fun and create a legacy for the next wave of business leaders.


William Campbell

Partner, Tax, Perth

After a short hiatus, I am back at BDO – where I’ve spent more than thirty years of my working life. BDO is still a great place to work and provides an environment that offers opportunities for people to shine.

Now, I am focused to ensure that while we may be fast-growing, we continue to retain the culture that allows us to make an impact. I want to assist with providing a workplace that is fun to work at and nurturing at the same time. To create a firm that has a great reputation in the market, not just for its service to clients, but also for the possibilities and opportunities provided to our staff.

Everyone within our firm, no matter what level, has an important role to play in our success, yet our people look-up to leadership for guidance. I want to make sure we set a positive tone for our people and clients – excelling and always doing the right thing, even when no-one else is watching. This coupled with providing a workplace where our staff feel safe and where they are allowed to be their best selves every day. I also believe we need to ensure we give back to the community – the more we can do this, the better.


John Bresolin

Partner, Audit & Assurance, Sydney

As a senior Partner who has been working with automotive retail motor dealers across Australia and New Zealand for over 25 years, I bring a wealth of expertise to BDO.

Most dealers require ‘tax outcomes’ - I am a registered tax agent specialising in combining my tax, accounting (and audit), dealership and commercial experience to achieve such outcomes. More specifically, I will bring to BDO, expertise in motor dealer GST, income tax, FBT, cashflow management, accounting and corporate structure set up and reorganisation.

I will also continue to assist (and advise) dealers in seeking buyers for their dealership or helping them find a great dealership brand in their prime market area if they are entering the market.

Teaming up with the long-term existing BDO motor dealer practice in Queensland (led by Mark Ward) and Sam Venn in Victoria, the BDO retail motor practice is well placed to advise dealership businesses or groups.


Grant Cameron

Partner, Business Services, Sydney

I have known and followed the respected brand of BDO for quite some time. So, when the opportunity came up to merge our practice, I was excited by it. Operating my own practice, I always strived to create a winning culture, revolving around the question - do clients love what we do?

This philosophy is what I see at BDO – they are about people helping people – and they have exceeded my expectations.

I had struggled with the fact that, while I had a great business, undertaking complex work – I was being constrained by the lack of resources and relied on outside support. Plus, without the scale, we were unable to take advantage of the opportunities we generated or realise our full potential.

Since joining BDO, this has changed. Now, we have the advantage of broader knowledge, resources, information, and multi-disciplinary teams – meaning we can provide our clients, and new clients with a scope of expertise, capacity and reputation that goes with being a global professional services firm.

I really believe that I’ve found what I had always set out to achieve – and our clients are winning. Our team enjoy the culture and are inspired to do good work, be part of a strong collaborative team and, help our clients achieve their dreams.


Matthew Duggan

Partner, Business Services, Sydney

I have joined BDO as a partner in the Sydney Audit and Assurance division at a time when they are experiencing significant growth. I will add value by bringing extensive audit experience and also an in-depth knowledge of the fast-growing Greater Western Sydney corridor.

BDO put the clients’ needs first - building strong relationships based on an understanding of what matters most to them. Not surprisingly, I have been impressed with the depth and breadth of services offered by BDO and I have total confidence in the ability of the broader BDO team to bring high quality audit, tax and advisory services to meet client needs. This is demonstrated by BDO’s values, in particular those of #One and #Strive. We take pride in our work which is built on quality and integrity, and we work collaboratively as a firm and with clients to deliver the best possible outcomes.

In taking a key role in building out the presence and profile of BDO in the Greater Western Sydney corridor, I am excited to be able to bring the best of BDO to clients and to work with business owners in order to support and help them achieve their business strategies. .


Steve May

Partner, Audit & Assurance, Sydney

BDO is unique compared with other professional services firms – it’s big enough to offer efficiency in scale, and provide holistic services across a range of knowledge areas. Yet, unlike many larger firms – it has an unbeatable culture engrained in the mentality of all of its people. This culture has exceeded my expectations and has really shone through since I started, including the team environment and the willingness to help, combined with an overall positive attitude.

This value-add of end-to-end services and great culture make BDO not only a great fit for me, but also a great fit for our clients. The current economic situation we find ourselves in makes it imperative for organisations to lead the recovery effort. During this time, our people within the business are key - culture is important - and working and leading other businesses to success is vital.

At BDO it’s #TimeToLead. BDO is leading its people, leading in business and leading in the success of an economic recovery through its collaborative culture and assistance and support for businesses through their depth of services.


Elina McKerrell

Partner, Business Services, Sydney

My recent move to BDO has given me an opportunity to establish and lead a new service line for BDO Australia’s Sydney practice – Infrastructure Advisory. Our local team come from a diverse range of backgrounds including urban planning, policy, transport planning, engineering, economic development and program/project management. We specialise in strategy, mobilisation and solving problems in the feasibility, business case, funding/financing and procurement stages of projects and planning initiatives.

To date, we have been supporting a range of government clients on major transport infrastructure, supply chain and precinct delivery projects in Metropolitan Sydney and regional NSW. These projects are important city building and regional development initiatives which will help shape communities and enable population and employment growth. Moving forward, we plan to broaden our transport capability and establish a presence in other infrastructure sectors such as education, health and major events.

Supporting the establishment of a strong pipeline of infrastructure projects across NSW is critical in the recovery from the economic downturn, bushfires, drought and pandemic in 2020. This is an area where we can continue to make a difference for our clients and society.


Grant Morris

Partner, Project & Infrastructure Advisory, Sydney

I was attracted to BDO by their growth ambitions across cyber security and technology specialities. The opportunity to join the Partnership to build the cyber practice in Sydney and work with the other leaders nationally to grow the business was simply too good to turn down.

COVID-19 has created some of the most unprecedented, economical, sociological, and technical challenges for organisations globally. The threat of cyber security was heightened as organisations pivoted to meet these challenges. As we move into 2021, cyber security and secure digitisation are more important than ever.

I am excited to establish a team that will be able to provide services to both Australian start-ups who are disrupting the market with innovation and digital thinking, and the established organisations who are transforming their products and services to meet the needs of a digital world.


Ross Widdows

Partner, Cyber Security, Sydney

► Associate Directors and Directors

Josh Carver
Associate Director, Audit & Assurance
Linh Dao
Associate Director, Audit & Assurance, National IFRS Advisory
Anders Magnusson
Associate Director, Advisory (EconSearch)
Hien Tran-Mach
Associate Director, Business Services

Matthew Allington
Associate Director, Business Services, Automotive
Rachel Arthy
Associate Director, National Audit Quality
Jonathan Devaus
Associate Director, People Advisory
Michelle Jooste
Associate Director, National Risk & Ethics
Pranil Kumar
Associate Director, Business Services
Ryan Liddell
Associate Director, Audit & Assurance
Mark Oliver
Associate Director, Risk Advisory Services

John Christides
Associate Director, Audit & Assurance
Allan Han
Associate Director, Tax
Min Hong
Associate Director, Remuneration & Reward
PJ Kinder
Director, Remuneration & Reward
Karyn Lander
Associate Director, Forensic Services
Helen Mastrantonis
Director, Organisational Effectiveness, Remuneration & Reward
Gavin O'Neill
Associate Director, Tax
Jeremy Watkins
Associate Director, Audit & Assurance
Svetlana Kolyasnikova
Associate Director, Business Services

Josh Archer
Associate Director, Audit & Assurance
Mathew Blum
Associate Director, Advisory
Christian Patone
Associate Director, Audit & Assurance
Gary Tsai
Associate Director, Tax
Venkat Valappady
Associate Director, Digital & Technolgy Advisory

Sunshine Coast
Michelle Sutherland
Associate Director, Business Services

Maryanne Carter
Executive Director, People Advisory
Lilian Luu
Associate Director, Business Services
Ryan Kris
Associate Director, Digital & Technoloy Advisory
Jonathon Lee
Associate Director, Transfer Pricing
Matina Moffitt
Executive Director, Financial Services – Superannuation
Vruti Patel
Associate Director, Audit & Assurance
Quin Rijnders
Executive Director, Forensic Services
Erin Treseder
Associate Director, Audit & Assurance
Christine Webb
Associate Director, IFRS Advisory
Sally Whenman
Associate Director, Tax

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