Dave Smith

Dave Smith

Director, Tax, Research & Development

Speciality Taxes


As a Director in BDO’s research and development team, Dave uses his technical knowledge and expertise to assist clients within the engineering, agribusiness, resources and technology industries access and maximise benefits under the R&D Tax programs.

Dave has more than eight years of specific and dedicated R&D Tax experience and over 10 years’ experience working in the science and engineering industries as a R&D manager. This invaluable experience allows Dave to offer solutions that show an understanding of science, but from a perspective that aligns with the requirements of government incentive programs.


  • R&D Tax Incentives
  • R&D & commercialisation grants


  • STEM
  • Resources
  • Manufacturing
  • Agribusiness

Key assignments

  • R&D tax claims for a range of industries and business sizes within Australia and abroad

  • Audit Defence related to R&D activity or expenditure
  • Preparation of Advance and Overseas Findings
  • Preparation of test reports and other supporting documents
  • Industry submissions on R&D 


  • Bachelor of Science – Genetics – University of Canterbury
  • Masters(Hons) Cellular and Molecular Biology – University of Canterbury