Gary Allen

Gary Allen

Director, Project & Infrastructure Advisory

Financial Services | Government & Public Sector | Real Estate & Construction

Project & Infrastructure Advisory


Gary is an experienced adviser in BDO’s Project & Infrastructure Advisory team.

Gary has extensive expertise in demographic and land use modelling, regional economics, and demand forecasting, advising both public and private sectors with a need for evidence-based planning.

Gary’s experience covers data and spatial analytics, predominantly in the transport sector. He is a highly motivated to contribute to the successful outcomes of projects, demonstrating a high level of flexibility in his approach and a dynamic thinking style.


  • Regional economics
  • Government & Public Sector Advisory
  • Infrastructure transformation projects
  • Land use and urban planning
  • Strategic advice
  • Statistical analysis


  • Infrastructure
  • Precinct planning and development
  • Utilities
  • Transport
  • Government & Public Sector


  • Bachelor of Applied Science