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    Agribusiness technology advisory services.

Agribusiness Technology - AgTech

Agribusiness is undergoing a revolution, digitising the value chain from paddock to plate. Driven by changing consumer demands and resource challenges, agribusiness is evolving.

With the AgTech landscape rapidly changing, technologies such as Internet of Things, Cloud Software and Robotics present efficiency and growth opportunities as well as complexity and risk in their adoption.  BDO’s AgTech Advisory service provides clarity for Agri-businesses in a complex and fractured technology ecosystem. Our process develops your requirements into a solution design and road map which establishes a foundation for the adoption and integration of AgTech throughout your organisation.

 Our AgTech services include:

Client sector 

  • Viticulture and wineries 
  • Cropping 
  • Horticulture 
  • Agribusiness logistics
  • Food processing and retailing


  • Software systems 
    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
    • Customer Relationship Management  (CRM)
    • Farm management platforms 
    • Data management and business intelligence 
  • Sensors and connectivity (IOT) 
  • Connected suppt chain (blockchain)
  • Predictive intelligence (artifical intelligence)
  • Machine automation (robotics)

AgTech Advisory 

  • Requirements development 
  • Business case development 
  • Technology identification and research 
  • Due-dilligence and risk advisory 
  • Solution architecture 
  • Procurement management 
  • Implementation project management 

Data management and integration 

  • Data and information architecture 
  • Data preparation and migration
  • API inegration and middleware development 
  • Data lake and warehouse development 
  • BI reporting and dashboard visualisation 
  • Predictive business intelligence 
  • Data team as a service - analysts and developers  

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