Business Valuation

How BDO can help

Our clients commission us to provide a view on the value of a business for a variety of reasons including:

  • Mergers, acquisitions, and other corporate transactions
  • Investment valuations
  • Corporate re-structuring
  • Management buy-in and other shareholder disputes.

In each situation, our valuation experts develop a thorough understanding of the business in order to build a detailed picture of its underlying drivers of value at both a macro and micro level. We use this knowledge to guide our valuation modelling in the context of the available market evidence.

We use commonly accepted valuation methods - typically capitalised multiples of earnings and discounted cash-flow models - with a critical part of the process being the cross-check of the results derived from one method against those derived from another, where applicable. The end goal is to produce a highly robust valuation that stands up to external scrutiny.

We work with all sizes of business from large multinational corporations through to owner-managed businesses.

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