• Independent Experts Reports (IERs)

Independent Experts Reports (IERs)

Directors of public companies which are the subject of a merger, takeover or other material corporate transaction are often faced with a difficult decision - to recommend the transaction or not? Shareholders receive a plethora of information from the company, counter-parties and the media about transactions and are usually left asking critical questions such as - what is the most objective information regarding this transaction?

An independent expert’s report (IER) in the context of a corporate transaction is commissioned and prepared to address these and other similar questions by public company shareholders to assist them to make a decision regarding the transaction.

BDO is a market leader in the preparation of IERs across a range of transaction types and sizes for a number of different industry sectors.

You will receive an IER from us containing:

  • Summary of our opinion
  • Details of our evaluation of fairness and reasonableness
  • Details of our approach and relevant details of the transaction
  • Background information including industry and company historical performance and outlook.

Where necessary, a technical expert’s report is also commissioned and this will be attached and referred to in the IER.

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Keeping well-informed of the regulatory environment is key in ensuring that a transaction process meets the stated goals. IERs are overseen by ASIC (and ASX where relevant) to ensure that there is adequate and independent information available to assist shareholders in forming views on transactions. Regulatory oversight of IERs also ensures compliance with the Corporations Act and regulatory frameworks.

If you require an Independent Expert, our technical skills and in-depth commercial experience will ensure that you will receive succinct advice, comprehensive and compliant IERs that will assist you and your shareholders with decision making in relation to corporate transactions.