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BDO’s IFRS & Corporate Reporting group in Australia produces the following publications to keep clients and staff informed about the latest regulatory and legislative changes, financial and corporate reporting requirements for businesses.

Corporate Reporting Insights (formerly Accounting News)

Corporate Reporting Insights is your ‘go to’ place for financial reporting developments and all aspects of corporate reporting including sustainability and ESG reporting.

Date Title
27/07/2022 Corporate Reporting Insights - July 2022
23/06/2022 Corporate Reporting Insights - June 2022
25/05/2022 Corporate Reporting Insights - May 2022
22/04/2022 Corporate Reporting Insights - April 2022
23/03/2022 Corporate Reporting Insights - March 2022
22/02/2022 Corporate Reporting Insights - February 2022
16/12/2021 Accounting News - December 2021
23/11/2021 Accounting News - November 2021
21/10/2021 Accounting News - October 2021
23/09/2021 Accounting News - September 2021
24/08/2021 Accounting News - August 2021
22/07/2021 Accounting News - July 2021
22/06/2021 Accounting News - June 2021
24/05/2021 Accounting News - May 2021
22/04/2021 Accounting News - April 2021
19/03/2021 Accounting News - March 2021
23/02/2021 Accounting News - February 2021
17/12/2020 Accounting News - December 2020
20/11/2020 Accounting News - November 2020
22/10/2020 Accounting News - October 2020
22/09/2020 Accounting News - September 2020
24/08/2020 Accounting News - August 2020
27/07/2020 Accounting News - July 2020
25/06/2020 Accounting News - June 2020
22/05/2020 Accounting News - May 2020
22/04/2020 Accounting News - April 2020
24/03/2020 Accounting News - March 2020
24/02/2020 Accounting News - February 2020
17/12/2019 Accounting News - December 2019
21/11/2019 Accounting News - November 2019
21/10/2019 Accounting News, October 2019
23/09/2019 Accounting News, September 2019
22/08/2019 Accounting News, August 2019
22/07/2019 Accounting News, July 2019
25/06/2019 Accounting News, June 2019
20/05/2019 Accounting News, May 2019
18/04/2019 Accounting News, April 2019
21/03/2019 Accounting News, March 2019
22/02/2019 Accounting News, February 2019
18/12/2018 Accounting News, December 2018
22/11/2018 Accounting News, November 2018
22/10/2018 Accounting News, October 2018
24/09/2018 Accounting News, September 2018
20/08/2018 Accounting News, August 2018
23/07/2018 Accounting News, July 2018
21/06/2018 Accounting News, June 2018
23/05/2018 Accounting News, May 2018
17/04/2018 Accounting News, April 2018
20/03/2018 Accounting News, March 2018
19/02/2018 Accounting News, February 2018
18/12/2017 Accounting News, December 2017
20/11/2017 Accounting News, November 2017
25/10/2017 Accounting News, October 2017
22/09/2017 Accounting News, September 2017
22/08/2017 Accounting News, August 2017
25/07/2017 Accounting News, July 2017
26/06/2017 Accounting News, June 2017
18/05/2017 Accounting News, May 2017
20/04/2017 Accounting News, April 2017
08/03/2017 Accounting News, March 2017
21/02/2017 Accounting News, February 2017
19/12/2016 Accounting News, December 2016
17/11/2016 Accounting News, November 2016
20/10/2016 Accounting News, October 2016
21/09/2016 Accounting News, September 2016
17/08/2016 Accounting News, August 2016
21/07/2016 Accounting News, July 2016
20/06/2016 Accounting News, June 2016
20/05/2016 Accounting News, May 2016
21/04/2016 Accounting News, April 2016
17/03/2016 Accounting News, March 2016
19/02/2016 Accounting News, February 2016
18/12/2015 Accounting News, December 2015
19/11/2015 Accounting News, November 2015
20/10/2015 Accounting News, October 2015
16/09/2015 Accounting News, September 2015
21/08/2015 Accounting News, August 2015
20/07/2015 Accounting News, July 2015
17/06/2015 Accounting News, June 2015
20/05/2015 Accounting News, May 2015
22/04/2015 Accounting News, April 2015
18/03/2015 Accounting News, March 2015
18/02/2015 Accounting News, February 2015
11/12/2014 Accounting News, December 2014
20/11/2014 Accounting News, November 2014
21/10/2014 Accounting News, October 2014
16/09/2014 Accounting News, September 2014
20/08/2014 Accounting News, August 2014
21/07/2014 Accounting News, July 2014
20/06/2014 Accounting News, June 2014
21/05/2014 Accounting News, May 2014
14/04/2014 Accounting News, April 2014
19/03/2014 Accounting News, March 2014
20/02/2014 Accounting News, February 2014
12/12/2013 Accounting News, December 2013
21/11/2013 Accounting News, November 2013
21/10/2013 Accounting News, October 2013
19/09/2013 Accounting News, September 2013
22/08/2013 Accounting News, August 2013

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Global IFRS Resources

BDO’s global International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) group produces a range of publications and reference materials for clients and staff to keep up to date with the latest developments.

View the latest publications by category below.

International Financial Reporting Bulletins
Model IFRS financial statements

The following are illustrative IFRS financial statements of a listed company, prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards.

These illustrative IFRS financial statements are intended to be used as a source of general technical reference, as they show suggested disclosures together with their sources. They are not intended to address the particular circumstances of any particular individual or entity, and do not contain any Australian-specific disclosures.

IFRS in Practice

This series provides guidance in addressing the practical issues when applying key aspects of IFRSs.

The latest editions include:

Other editions of IFRS in Practice include:

IFRS at a Glance

These provide a high level overview of each IFRS and Interpretation.

View the full IFRS at a Glance catalogue.

Frequently asked questions

IFRS FAQs provide insights on frequently asked questions on a variety of IFRS topics. These FAQs incorporate BDO Global’s expertise as well as IFRS Interpretations Committee agenda decisions.

Sustainability/ESG reporting

International Sustainability Reporting Bulletins

Financial reporting in Australia

Businesses today face an ever-expanding range of accounting issues in additional to the monitoring changes in international financial reporting standards (IFRS). BDO continually explores the Australian financial reporting landscape to identify those that matter most. We’ve compiled these resources based on our findings to help you learn more about key accounting and regulatory changes, and how they may affect your business or industry.

Accounting for research and development incentives
GPFS for country by country reporting entities
ASIC Issues
Date Resource
27/07/2022 One month extension of reporting deadlines for unlisted entities
27/07/2022 ASIC issues revised Form FS70 for AFS licensee reporting
27/07/2022 Results from ASIC’s surveillance of 31 December 2021 financial reports
27/07/2022 Changes to ASIC Corporations (Rounding in Financial/Directors’ Reports) Instrument 2016/191
23/06/2022 AFS licensees required to prepare Tier 1 financial statements for 30 June 2022
23/06/2022 ASIC focus areas for 30 June 2022 financial reports
22/02/2022 Impairment still the top area for ASIC surveillance of financial reports; followed by the OFR
16/12/2021 One month extension of reporting deadlines for unlisted entities
16/12/2021 Director Identification Number (ID) requirements for not-for-profit entities
23/11/2021 More ASIC guidance for directors on the features of an audit committee that support audit quality
23/11/2021 Director Identification Number (ID) requirements
21/10/2021 Bed licences - Have you reviewed carrying amounts and estimated useful lives in 30 June 2021 financial statements?

ASIC focus areas and ASIC feedback from December 2020 surveillance program


ASIC extends reporting deadlines for 30 June 2021 financial statements


ASIC allows AFS licensees to include ROU assets in NTA and other calculations for financial requirements

23/04/2021 ASIC adopts a ‘no action’ policy in relation to virtual AGMs and also extends time for holding AGMs for some entities

Results of ASIC’s 30 June 2020 financial reporting surveillance program


AFS licensees - ASIC consults on treatment of leased assets for NTA calculations


ASIC focus areas for 31 December 2020 financial statements

20/11/2020 ASIC extends financial reporting deadlines again for listed and unlisted entities
22/09/2020 The ASX’s one month extension to lodgement deadlines does not apply to foreign entities listed on the ASX

Recent ASIC media releases – Focus areas under COVID-19 and results of December 2019 financial reporting surveillance

28/07/2020 ASIC to take ‘no action’ against AFS licensees that fail to meet financial resource requirements because of right-of-use assets recognised under IFRS 16 Leases  (Accounting News – July 2020)
25/06/2020 Disclosure of auditors’ remuneration in 30 June 2020 financial reports – More detail required for ASX entities
22/05/2020 ASIC extends reporting deadlines of 30 June 2020 financial statements by one month

Reporting deadlines for unlisted entities – ASIC gives one month COVID-19 extensions for balance dates ending 31 December 2019 to 31 March 2020

23/04/2020 AGMs of public companies - Temporary COVID-19 extensions and exceptions for ‘virtual’ AGMs
24/03/2020 Almost 25% of financial reports reviewed by ASIC result in enquiries on the appropriate accounting treatment
17/12/2019 ASIC focus areas for 31 December 2019 – Important note for AFS licensees with right-of-use assets
25/06/2019 ASIC focus areas for 30 June 2019 financial reporting surveillance
20/05/2019 Regulation approved to double size thresholds for large private companies reporting to ASIC
22/02/2019 Almost 25% of financial reports reviewed by ASIC result in enquiries on the appropriate accounting treatment
18/12/2018 ASIC focus areas for 31 December 2018 financial reporting surveillance
22/06/2018 Disclosing the impact of new accounting standards is top of ASIC’s focus areas for its 30 June 2018 financial reporting surveillance program
23/02/2018 Almost one in four financial reports reviewed by ASIC result in enquiries on appropriate accounting treatment
18/12/2017 ASIC calls on preparers to focus on financial report quality and new requirements (Focus areas for 31 December 2017 financial reports)
25/07/2017 Impairment still the biggest issue for ASIC in its surveillance on 31 December 2016 financial reports
26/06/2017 ASIC calls on preparers to focus on the quality of financial information (focus areas for 30 June 2017 financial reports)
21/02/2017 ASIC expects companies to respond to the three new accounting standards
20/10/2016 More financial reporting class orders replaced with new instruments
21/09/2016 More financial reporting class orders replaced with new instruments
20/06/2016 ASIC calls on directors to apply realism and clarity to 30 June 2016 financial reports
21/04/2016 ASIC reissues rounding and other class orders
18/02/2016 ASIC to remake more financial reporting class orders
18/12/2015 ASIC focus areas for 31 December 2015 financial statements
19/11/2015 ASIC to remake some financial reporting class orders
24/08/2015 More ASIC enforcements – Jervois Mining restate their financial statements
20/07/2015 Restatement of financial statements from ASIC enquiries now extending to private companies
20/07/2015 Rule changes for resignation of auditors of public
20/07/2015 ASIC extends Class Order 14/632 for key management personnel equity instrument disclosures to 31 December 2015
17/06/2015 ASIC focus areas for 30 June 2015 financial reports
17/06/2015 ASIC Information Sheet for directors on the role of directors in impairment testing
20/05/2015 ASIC penalising entities for failing to lodge financial reports
22/04/2015 Recent ASIC enforcements – Entities restate their financial statements
18/03/2015 Class Order for KMP remuneration extended
18/03/2015 When goodwill is not goodwill – Primary Health Care restate their financial statements
18/03/2015 Directors – how good is your accounting knowledge?
11/12/2014 ASIC focus areas for 31 December 2014
21/07/2014 ASIC focuses for 30 June 2014 financial reports
21/07/2014 ASIC grants relief for KMP disclosures because of Corporations Regulations anomalies
20/06/2014 ASIC focus areas for 30 June 2014 financial reports
21/02/2014 ASIC clarifies presentation of financial statements by stapled entities
12/12/2013 ASIC issues guidance to directors on financial reporting responsibilities
20/11/2013 ASIC focus areas for 31 December 2013 financial reports
19/09/2013 ASIC issues class order relief for stapled securities financial reporting
21/08/2013 Listed entity Operating and financial review reminder for 30 June 2013 annual reports
22/07/2013 ASIC's findings for financial reports of proprietary companies
21/05/2013 ASIC issues guidance on the operating and financial review – Applies to 30 June 2013
15/03/2012 Regulatory Guide 230 Disclosing non-IFRS financial information
APRA Issues
Coronavirus stimulus measures
Corporate Governance
Date Resource
27/07/2022 Changes to oil and gas reporting under Listing Rule 5
22/02/2022 Sustainability reporting - 10 questions boards and audit committees should be able to answer
22/02/2022 Top five priorities for audit committees in 2022
22/10/2020 New ASX Corporate Governance rules apply to 31 December 2020 financial statements of listed entities
25/06/2020 Questions directors should ask about 30 June 2020 financial statements – COVID-19 impacts and new accounting standards
21/03/2019 New Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations for listed entities – No need for ‘social licence to operate’
22/02/2019 New governance principles and guidance for not-for-profit entities (NFPs) 
23/05/2018 Safe harbour insolvency reforms to provide directors relief from insolvent trading provisions
21/07/2016 ASIC puts all corporate governance resources in one place for easier access by boards
17/06/2015 Attention directors – ASX Corporate Governance changes – Part 10 – The revised ASX Corporate Governance Principles have already been in effect for 1 year
20/05/2015 Attention directors – ASX Corporate Governance changes – Part 9 – Gender diversity
22/04/2015 Attention directors – ASX Corporate Governance changes – Part 8 - The challenges facing ASX boards with operations in emerging markets
18/03/2015 Attention directors – ASX Corporate Governance changes – Part 7 – The role of the audit committee and the internal audit function
18/02/2015 Attention directors – ASX Corporate Governance changes – Part 6 – Role of the board in managing and monitoring risk
11/12/2014 Attention directors – ASX Corporate Governance changes – Part 5
20/11/2014 Attention directors – ASX Corporate Governance changes – Part 4
21/10/2014 Attention directors – ASX Corporate Governance changes – Part 3
16/09/2014 Attention directors – ASX Corporate Governance changes – Part 2
20/08/2014 Attention directors – ASX Corporate Governance changes – are you ready?
New Conceptual Framework
Special purpose financial statements
Date Resource
27/07/2022 More disclosures for for-profit entities preparing special purpose financial statements at 30 June 2022
23/06/2022 AFS licensees required to prepare Tier 1 financial statements for 30 June 2022
23/06/2022 Changes to constitution and banking agreements from 1 July 2021 may trigger GPFS

More relief in AASB 1 for entities transitioning to general purpose Simplified Disclosures financial statements

16/12/2021 More relief proposed in AASB 1 for entities transitioning to Simplified Disclosures
23/02/2021 Key questions to ask when getting ready for general purpose financial statements
17/12/2020 Simplified disclosures – NFPs to get some relief on move from RDR to Simplified Disclosures
22/09/2020 For-profit private sector entities - Why you should consider transitioning from special purpose to Tier 2 general purpose financial statements one year early (i.e. for 30 June 2021 year-ends)

It's final – From 2022, special purpose financial statements will be history, and RDR replaced by Simplified Disclosures

17/12/2019 Private sector NFPs to disclose extent of compliance with recognition and measurement requirements in special purpose financial statements
21/10/2019 AASB extends deadline for comments on exposure drafts to remove special purpose financial statements
23/09/2019 Special purpose financial statements to be scrapped from 2021
22/08/2019 Simplified disclosures to replace RDR for Tier 2 entities preparing general purpose financial statements
20/05/2019 Proposals to require entities lodging with ASIC and ACNC to disclose compliance with recognition and measurement requirements of Australian Accounting Standards
21/03/2019 Scrapping special purpose financial statements becoming a reality but RDR is not the answer
22/11/2018 Proposals to double the reporting thresholds for ‘large’ proprietary companies from 30 June 2020
22/06/2018 AASB issues Consultation Paper with respect to the future of special purpose financial reporting
18/04/2018 Days are numbered for special purpose financial statements in Australia
Underpayment of employee remuneration/entitlements