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Innovative Audit & Assurance solutions, tailored to your needs

At BDO, we believe there’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ approach to audit. Every engagement provides a unique opportunity to tailor our approach to deliver a robust audit focused on each client’s specific requirements and risks. With each engagement, our approach includes the utilisation of technologies that support the delivery of an efficient and insightful audit.

Reasons to work with BDO’s Audit & Assurance team

Quality in our values, culture and strategy

Ensuring the behaviours of our people are aligned to achieving audit quality, and by focusing on innovation in our audit processes, we are able to promote and enhance BDO’s brand reputation as a firm that provides high quality, effective audits in the marketplace.

Our global audit approach

BDO firms around the world ensure consistent delivery by following the BDO Audit approach and the use of our global audit tools.

Our audit approach focuses on:

  • Attaining an understanding of your organisation, its information systems and the controls in place
  • Identifying and assessing the risks of material misstatement and the relevant risk control measures
  • Using the most appropriate procedures to obtain the audit evidence we require to for our opinion
  • Ensuring quality control over our performance
  • Using technology for effectiveness throughout the process.

Regulators and quality

We work closely with the regulators to ensure we have a sound understanding of regulations as well as future amendments that we will need to consider.

Industry experience

Our auditors have honed their skills focusing on specific industries, meaning we can tailor our service to address industry specific risks, regulation and opportunities to deliver a robust audit.

Enrich your audit experience with technology

Technology plays a pivotal role in delivering a highly effective audit. Our technology enables consistency in our approach, effective coordination and maximum productivity. The key components of BDO’s Digital Audit Suite are APT Next Generation, the BDO Global Portal and BDO Advantage. Each platform provides specific benefits which enhance efficiency and empower our people, enabling them to focus on our clients and their business needs.

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