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    Access one of Australia’s largest dedicated audit services teams.


A proven track record

With one of Australia’s largest dedicated audit teams, BDO delivers quality audits for all types of businesses, across all industries. Our partner-led service is proactive and responsive, and makes you our number one priority.

Client service is the key to a successful audit relationship. At BDO you can expect:

  • Consistent delivery of high-quality audit services
  • Regular communication and information sharing
  • Commitment to the client relationship
  • Accessibility
  • A collegiate approach.

What our clients say about BDO Audit Services


“As you can imagine, when changing auditors we were concerned about the potential for interruptions associated with dealing with a new team. With BDO, we were pleasantly surprised. BDO were a lot more detailed and yet less intrusive. Also the way BDO staff could easily interpret the information really helped the audit go smoothly.

There are always certain things that are unique to a business and not immediately obvious so it’s natural for questions to be asked. BDO staff could competently work through the information provided and only came to me for the extra components that are unique to AOGP’s business.”
Business Manager, Adelaide to Outback GP Training Program



“We outsource our SMSF auditing requirements to BDO because we trust in their capacity to undertake the work to a very high level. They understand the sensitive nature of their engagement and our existing business relationships with our clients. Shirley and her team are one of the best SMSF auditors and SMSF consultants in the SA market and we benefit from the ongoing relationship.”
Pledge Accountants



“We have used BDO as an auditor for the past eight years. BDO complete the audit in a timely fashion and we are very happy with the provision of service and the efficiency of both the staff and the audit system.

BDO serve as a great business partner for St Andrews, by continuing to add value through delivering service in a timely fashion, always being there to answer queries and operating with clear communication channels.

I feel that BDO knows St Andrews. This comes back to the continuity of staff, especially the senior people who have been there during the engagement. We feel comfortable with the senior people who have taken the time to know our business.”|
Director of Finance, St Andrew’s Hospital



“The staff at BDO are very supportive and diligent. They have been reliable with the provision of research on technical audit issues and backed by resources. They have provided work on time and meet our deadlines. Their ability to solve our technical audit issues has been invaluable.”
CFO, Resthaven Incorporated



“We have a very strong relationship with BDO and enjoy relationships with most levels of staff and have access to the most appropriate level of staff as we need.

BDO add value through efficiently and effectively delivering the services. They also supply great advice in relation to compliance and requirements. BDO assist with company issues through the provision of great insight in areas where we are not skilled.

BDO know our business intimately. BDO’s knowledge of our business has assisted them to efficiently conduct our audit. There is a sense of familiarity, they know the way we work and they partner with us, assisting with the efficiency and value they provide.

BDO offer great technical knowledge. BDO offer a flexible approach and are responsive to our needs. They amend their model to meet our changing need, and are consistent with the delivery of services. ”
Managing Director and Shareholder, Datacom



“I find BDO staff very reliable. They are very efficient and timely when they are onsite for the week or two that they are conducting the audit. They then continue to work efficiently to finalise the audit and get our accounts signed off as per the deadlines agreed in advance.”
CFO, Sarah Group