• Special Purpose Audits & Reviews

    Applying audit know-how, adding confidence and satisfying reporting obligations.


Assurance and confidence with our Special Purpose Audits

Understanding what’s providing operational strength and what’s detracting from the ultimate goal can underpin your organisation’s approach.

Applying our auditing know-how, our BDO audit teams help you identify the fundamental issues that may be a risk to the organisation through a range of special purpose audits. BDO will help you to gain insights from your audit and assure confidence in your organisation’s compliance.

Special Purpose Audits

How we help you with special purpose audits

We can help you with the following special purpose audits/reviews:

  • Turnover audits
  • Completion audits
  • Grant audits
  • Agreed-upon procedures engagements
  • Carbon audits
  • Outgoing audits.