Investment management

Strategies to manage investments and wealth

As experienced investment practitioners, we use a meticulous, research-driven process to build portfolios that are customised for your objectives, liquidity needs, and risk tolerance.

Our approach to investment management and portfolio construction emphasises:

Tax efficiency

Our focus is on generating returns and cash flows in the most tax-efficient way possible for you. We work collaboratively with your tax adviser to ensure appropriate asset allocation and structures, while portfolio management decisions are made with consideration of maximising after-tax returns.


We seek to mitigate risk by creating diversified exposures across asset classes. This is based on the principle that the risk of a portfolio is less dependent on the riskiness of individual investments than on how those investments relate to one another.

Research-driven process

The BDO Private Wealth Investment Committee, with support from an external investment consultant, selects investment managers based on quality of management, proven track record and well-defined process. We don’t own any products, or have any product bias, ensuring that our investment recommendations are guided solely by your best interests. 

For investors looking to achieve additional diversification and enhance returns, we have extensive experience analysing and accessing private credit, private equity, real estate, and other alternative assets.