Inclusion & Diversity

We value the difference and unique perspective that every individual brings to BDO

Tony Schiffmann, Chief Executive Partner, BDO in Australia
12 September 2023

At BDO, we value the differences and unique perspectives that every individual brings to our team.

As a firm, we are committed to diversity and an inclusive culture. We want all our people to have a positive experience whoever they are and wherever they are in the firm. One where they:

  • Are valued for who they are
  • Know different views, opinions and ideas will be valued and listened to
  • Feel part of the team and can safely bring their uniqueness to the table
  • Are trusted to get their job done
  • Feel like they belong 
  • Know what is expected of them
  • Are empowered to develop and innovate
  • Can freely and respectfully disagree and debate with others.

We are proud of our culture; however, culture is not static and we know there will always be things we can improve. Driving this momentum is our Culture Council, with its  clear purpose to intentionally and constantly challenge our culture to create an environment where we can all be our best, no matter who we are or where we are. 

The Council is responsible for guiding the firm’s inclusion journey and championing and role modelling our values and the culture we aspire to. Members are committed to driving action that embeds our values-based culture, keeping inclusion at the top of our agenda and equipping our people with the skills they need to be inclusive. 

BDO in Australia is a member of Diversity Council Australia (DCA), an independent not-for-profit leader in diversity and inclusion research, education, and advocacy, and we are proud to be recognised by DCA as an Inclusive Employer. We exceed the DCA National Index Benchmark on at least five out of six of the following measures: Awareness; Engagement; Inclusive Organisational Climate; Inclusive Leadership; Inclusive Team; and/or Exclusion. Individual BDO team members can sign up to DCA for free to access the benefits of our membership, including webinars, events, thought leadership, case studies, and research.

We are committed to our inclusive culture journey and continually listening to our people along the way. For us, this is a non-negotiable. When it comes to ensuring all our people are respected and valued for who they are, we will not waiver.

BDO is an Inclusive Employer 23-24