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Solutions for thriving in a changing sector

Operating in the not-for-profit sector presents many challenges. Change is constant. So too is the pressure to raise funds, the impact of government policy, changing demographics and expectations that affects not-for-profits on a daily basis.

BDO helps not-for-profit clients to identify business growth opportunities, maximise potential and thrive amid change. The biggest change is coming with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) roll-out and BDO is assisting clients with transformational strategies and solutions to prepare for this.

Integrated service delivery is the key element — providing both value and growth to our clients. We identify opportunities and implement solutions in a connected and considered way, where it makes the biggest difference to the growth of your business.

By drawing on the experience of our advisers in core service lines, we can provide solutions for not-for-profits that tackle key areas of concern and ultimately allow you to become proactive in managing issues. BDO advises on a wide range of issues including:

  • Strategy review and key decision-making
  • Proper organisational structures for new revenue streams
  • Financial modelling in a changing funding environment
  • Complex compliance issues impacting not-for-profits and disability providers
  • Updates on the impacts of Federal grant funding
  • Fiduciary responsibilities of not-for-profit boards
  • Proper governance practices
  • Comprehensive not-for-profit tax and audit services
  • Compensation and benefits strategies
  • IT solutions to manage new business.

Our current focus is on helping the not-for-sector prepare for the NDIS. Is your organisation ready?