BDO’s 2022 Telecommunications Risk Factor Survey

Telecoms are experiencing unprecedented demand for their services. At the same time, new challenges are appearing with unprecedented speed.

The 2022 Telecommunications Risk Factor Report explores the trends, threats, obstacles, and opportunities facing telecoms at an international level. It examines how the industry’s view of specific risks has evolved and what strategies and initiatives companies employ to address them. The top five industry-specific risks identified were:

  • New laws or changes to existing regulations
  • Intense and increasing competition
  • Cybersecurity breaches
  • Disruptions in IT infrastructure; and
  • Rapid technology substitution.

The survey examines how key stakeholders within the telecoms industry view the sector now and in the future. Industry insiders, companies, investors and interested parties can gain insights into what drives business decisions, investment approaches and strategic direction across the telecoms industry.

Download the 2022 report