Business Outlook - Are you catching waves or riding tides?

Business Outlook - Are you catching waves or riding tides?

BDO’s annual Business Outlook event brought together community and industry leaders for a ring-side seat to discuss ‘what’s next’ for businesses, individuals, and the community - tackling the state’s rising economic and social pressures.

The discussion highlighted two competing priorities. On the one hand, an accommodation crisis and on the other, the Olympic Games and the accompanying infrastructure required. Demands for new hospitals, schools and roads are also in the queue, and the elephant in the room is the huge energy transformation agenda, which is not yet funded or getting much airtime.

Navigating these problems requires public debate and education, followed quickly by decisive action to prioritise the limited labour and resources available.

Our Business Outlook event did just that, bringing together experts to face off and explore the future state of play in their markets.

Please enjoy our Business Outlook 2023 report which highlights some of the key insights and takeaways from this year’s event speakers:

  • Adam Allan – Civic Cabinet Chair for City Planning and Suburban Renewal (Government and community)
  • Heidi Cooper – CEO, Business Chamber Queensland (Small and Private Business)
  • Tim Dighton – Partner, Project and Infrastructure Advisory, BDO (Infrastructure)
  • Jack Hutchinson – Director, Hutchinson Builders (Construction)
  • Brian Parker – Chief Economist, Australian Retirement Trust (Economy and Finance)

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