BDO People Advisory webinar series

BDO's People Advisory team has run several popular series of webinars covering the key issues facing Australian organisations and their HR functions. Below you will find links to watch the webinars on BDO in Australia's YouTube channel

2020 People Advisory Webinars

  • How are Australian businesses responding to COVID-19?    
  • HR Perspective – The Next Step In The COVID-19 Journey    
  • Inspiring People Through Change    
  • All About Our 4-Day Work Week with Beaumont People    
  • Demonstrating The Profit In Your People    
  • Why A Change Manager Is A Project Manager's Greatest Ally    
  • Strategic Or Operational HR? What's The Difference?    
  • Transforming Your Business With 'Best Practice' HR Operating Models

Locate the specific webinar or watch the complete playlist on YouTube.

2019 People Advisory Webinars

  • Learning Agility
  • Business Set Up - HR Lens
  • Successful Succession Planning
  • Career Pathways
  • Capability Ready
  • What Is A Great Leader?
  • Qualities of an Effective HR Function
  • Importance of Emotional Intelligence
  • Managing Change 

Locate the specific webinar or watch the complete playlist on YouTube.