A change in career: Moving from Audit to Corporate Finance

30 January 2019

Until last year, I had only ever worked in audit. After graduating from my degree in Business (majoring in accounting) in 2012, I worked for a mid-tier firm for three years and then went on to a big four firm. While these jobs gave me a number of opportunities, I eventually came to the decision that I wanted a change in the type of work I was doing. That's when I started thinking about BDO and changing my career to Corporate Finance.

The culture at BDO

Everything I'd heard from friends about BDO had been great, and the culture was always something they highlighted. I thought it was time to see for myself, so I applied for a role in the Corporate Finance team in 2018 and was delighted to get the job. There are so many social activities across the firm, from trivia nights and team days to ladies' lunches and even trips to the Gold Coast! On top of this, everyone at the firm is really approachable - I’ve now had an opportunity to work with all of the five Corporate Finance Partners, and their doors are always open. Whenever I have a question, I feel 100 per cent comfortable going to them for help.

Varied work in Corporate Finance

The move to Corporate Finance has definitely paid off. It’s given me a great opportunity to expand my skills from a purely based accounting role. Many of my friends work in Corporate Finance, and they were always talking about how varied the work is, so it was a move that made sense to me. Having worked in the division since 2018, I am happy with the change.

In one typical day, I'll be juggling three or four different jobs, and the tasks can be quite varied, from managing due diligence processes, to phone calls with buyers and communicating with a number of different parties on a deal. I’ve worked with clients across a wide range of industries including transport, aviation and medical.

A real highlight for me was a session BDO organised with entrepreneur Phil Di Bella. He talked about values and we ended up setting our team values. I enjoyed that a lot because at other organisations there's often a poster on the wall saying their values, but they don't really live them. At BDO they do!

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