Karyn Lander - My career at BDO

“I returned to BDO and made a career change. I knew the culture of BDO, the people, and the flexibility they offer. It is the best career decision I have made.” 

Karyn Lander, Director, Forensic Services

What do you value about working for BDO?  

I value the personal aspect of BDO.

What attracted you to BDO?  

I previously worked at BDO and really enjoyed it. Our clients are diverse in terms of size and sectors, so our work is really interesting, yet the culture is not like one of the big firms where you are simply a number – it's more personal.

I took some time off to concentrate on my family, and when I returned to the workforce wanting a career change, I contacted BDO - and went from there. They have supported my switch from Business Services to Forensics all the way. This support has included placing their trust in me, and the additional training that I have undertaken for my new role.

How does working at BDO differ from where you have worked previously? 

I find the work rewarding and challenging. Every day is different – it keeps me on my toes! I thoroughly enjoy working with my clients to deliver positive outcomes. BDO also offers autonomy and respects the work I do.

What has made you stay with BDO? 

The flexibility allowed for my family life and the team that I work with keeps me at BDO. The flexible working environment allows me to provide the best possible service to my clients while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Do you think BDO lives its values? If so, how? 

HUMAN and HEART are the BDO values that resonate with me.  They are at the forefront of interactions with my team and clients. Compassion for our clients is really important to me, and assisting them in sometimes difficult situations is very rewarding. Our team wants the best possible outcome for our clients, and I see our values demonstrated in their approach every day.

How would you describe the BDO culture?  

The culture at BDO is friendly, collaborative, flexible, and supportive. The firm offers so much to its people, and senior leaders listen to and respond to all our ideas.

What makes working at BDO rewarding for you?  

The opportunity to help people.  In forensics, much of our work is either assisting clients with an existing problem or helping them to avoid problems in the future! When we make a difference or make things a little easier for them and they achieve a better outcome as a result, it’s very rewarding.

How does BDO support you to achieve your personal aspirations and career goals? 

The flexibility at BDO supports my family life. Being a single mum of 3 children is a bit of a juggle.  The flexibility BDO encourages allows me to balance my work and family life so that neither suffers. The mentoring that I have received from leaders within the firm has helped me to focus on my own goals and set a clear path to achieving them.

How has BDO/your leaders gotten to know you? 

The leaders within BDO are very approachable and want to know their staff. You are not simply a number: They take an active role in knowing their staff and helping them to achieve their personal goals as well as contributing to the firm’s overall goals. 

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