Cyber Security: Working-from-home guide

15 May 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause unprecedented disruption for organisations. These issues are unlikely to subside in the near term, so it is important organisations not only prioritise continuity of their critical functions, but remain flexible in how they operate. This means many organisations will require employees to work from home (WFH).

The concept of WFH is not new. Many organisations prior to this situation have provided flexible working arrangements that include the opportunity to WFH. However, the scale of which this is now occurring has significant implications on our ability to connect and collaborate securely. Making this situation more complex is the opportunistic cyber threats that have already started to take advantage of the situation.

Prior to COVID-19, the recent BDO and AusCERT Cyber Security Survey highlighted a considerable increase in the number of cyber attacks caused by Business Email Compromise (BEC), social engineering and other basic phishing attacks. This increase occurred despite cyber criminals having to circumvent advanced and up-to-date security controls found in the workplace. Now with employees working from home, where protection measures are inherently less comprehensive, cyber criminals and other threat sources will likely have an easier path to breaching an organisation.

BDO has created a checklist to help organisations navigate and plan their way through the complex issues that WFH presents. This checklist will help them plan appropriately and mitigate the risk of a potential cyber incidents. To download the checklist, please click the button below.

Download the checklist

If you would like to learn more about the cyber security measures you should be considering in the current climate, please contact our Cyber Security Team.