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Cyber security services to protect your business

No matter your business type, size or industry, robust cyber security infrastructure is no longer optional. With data breaches and other cyber disruptions now a regular occurrence, it’s clear that businesses must consider their current cyber resilience and how it will scale with future growth.

As the cyber threat landscape continues to change and evolve in ways that seem impossible to predict, it is more important than ever to have an experienced team by your side.

Our team has experience in a range of areas, including IT, operations, data privacy, and forensic technology, which help keep your business online, operational and safe. 

We help you protect your business by providing tailored cyber security services focusing on your specific operating model, technical demands, regulatory environment and industry dynamics.

We also help you understand your cyber risks and implement cyber resilience strategies to minimise the impact of a cyber attack on your business.

BDO in Australia is a CREST accredited firm and has CREST qualified consultants globally delivering penetration testing engagements. 

How BDO can help

Our team can assist you to:

  • Design and implement a comprehensive program aligned with an existing enterprise risk management framework. This includes strategy, organisational structure, governance, policies and procedures, training, and both internal and external communications.
  • Assess risks and identify vulnerabilities to digital assets to evaluate their potential impact and damage, prioritising risks against the costs of protection. This includes performing in-depth threat risk assessments, penetration testing, social engineering and remediation.
  • Develop and test comprehensive incident response plans to minimise the impact of a cyber incident. This considers business critical processes, as well as roles and responsibilities of individuals throughout the organisation.
  • Build cyber defence capability through managed security operations and incident management.
  • Create customised cyber education and awareness programs for boards, management and staff. This includes the development and delivery of both classroom style and e-learning online programs.
  • Access a suite of insurance-related tools and services designed to protect businesses. This includes risk assessments and advice, cyber insurance reviews, policies and claims preparation. 

With the increase in decentralised working, cyber awareness training for employees should be a strong area of focus for Australian businesses.

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Crest accredited firm

BDO in Australia is a CREST accredited firm and provides worldwide coverage. 
Our global presence means that we cooperate closely and comply with consistent operating principles and quality standards.

2022 BDO and AusCERT Cyber Security Survey Report

With increased threats from targeted malicious emails and data breaches, our report, based on data collected in a 2022 survey, highlights the need for organisations to be more proactive and boost their cyber security confidence.

Explore the emerging threats facing your organisation and benchmark your cyber efforts against peers to assess your organisation’s security measures

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