Cyber Security

Cyber security services to protect your business

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, organisations face unprecedented cyber security challenges and compliance obligations. Protecting digital assets and ensuring continuous operations has never been more critical.

We offer a comprehensive range of cyber security services to help our clients safeguard their digital assets and become more resilient against cyber threats.

Our expert team assists clients in navigating complex security challenges, identifying and addressing vulnerabilities, and improving their overall security posture. We provide guidance on implementing robust protection against threats, ensure smooth operations, and enable quick recovery from incidents.

By working closely with our clients, we implement tailored solutions to enhance their cyber security capabilities, ensuring they stay secure and compliant in an ever-changing environment.

Is your organisation cyber secure?

Our experienced team can help you protect your business by providing tailored cyber security services.


How can your organisation boost cyber resilience?

Cyber resiliency is now becoming the focus point for organisations, governments and regulatory bodies. Cyber resiliency is having a mindset that cyber-attacks can, and will, happen and to be as prepared as possible. Organisations can achieve this by knowing what assets they are trying to protect, having appropriate controls (and testing these controls), being able to quickly identify attacks, limit the scope of these attacks and remove attackers from the environment as quickly as possible.

We help you protect your business by providing tailored cyber security services focusing on your specific operating model, technical demands, regulatory environment and industry dynamics. Our team has experience in a range of areas, including IT, operations, data privacy, and forensic technology, which help keep your business online, operational and safe

How BDO can help

Our team can assist you to:

  • Meet regulatory standards and identify security risks by developing effective management strategies, ensuring compliance with industry standards, and improving your overall security posture.
  • Conduct cyber health checks to assess your cyber security maturity and recommend targeted improvements to enhance your security capabilities.
  • Develop tailored cyber security strategies and roadmaps aligned with your business objectives, and guiding you toward long-term cyber resilience.
  • Identify and address vulnerabilities through penetration testing and comprehensive vulnerability assessments, simulating real-world attacks to strengthen your defenses.
  • Create and implement incident response plans, business continuity strategies, and investigate security incidents to minimise impact and prevent future occurrences.
  • Conduct simulated exercises to assess your incident response capabilities and identify areas for improvement.
  • Leverage Microsoft's comprehensive set of tools and services to protect your data, identities, and infrastructure from cyber attacks.

BDO's cyber security services

Governance, risk and compliance (GRC)

Navigating complex cyber security challenges and compliance obligations to improve our client's overall security posture. 


Offensive security

Help our clients identify and address vulnerabilities and weaknesses in their environment.


Cyber Resilience

Protect against threats, ensure continuous operations, and quickly recover from incidents.


Enablement services

Work with our clients to enable and implement solutions to improve their cyber security capability.


The benefits of engaging BDO's cyber security consultants

Businesses that engage BDO in their cyber stratgey experience a range of benefits that often set them apart from their competitors.

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Enhanced security with tailored strategies, comprehensive risk assessments, and compliance with industry standards.

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Proactive threat management, ensuring continuous protection and minimising potential damage from cyber incidents


Improved incident response capabilities for integrated response and effective action, reducing downtime and impact.

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Leveraging the client’s current technology, tools and services to ensures robust protection for their data, identities, and infrastructure from cyber attacks.

Cyber security FAQs

How can I ensure my company complies with industry standards and regulations?

Our Solution: We assist in meeting regulatory standards through comprehensive compliance assessments and gap analysis, ensuring your company adheres to industry standards such as ISO 27001, ASD Essential 8, and sector specific standards such as APRA 230, AESCSF, etc.

What steps can we take to identify and mitigate cyber security risks?

Our Solution: We conduct thorough cyber security risk assessments to identify potential threats and develop effective risk management strategies tailored to your specific needs.

How can we assess and improve our current cyber security posture?

Our Solution: Our cyber health checks evaluate the maturity of your cyber security capabilities, providing detailed recommendations and roadmaps to enhance your security posture.

What strategies should we implement to align our cyber security efforts with our business objectives?

Our Solution: We develop customised cyber security strategies and roadmaps that align with your business goals, guiding you towards long-term cyber resilience.

How do we test our systems for vulnerabilities and potential threats?

Our Solution: We offer penetration testing and vulnerability assessments to simulate real-world attacks, identify weaknesses, and prioritise remediation efforts.

What should we do to prepare for and respond to cyber incidents?

Our Solution: We create and implement comprehensive incident response plans, business continuity strategies, and disaster recovery solutions to ensure you are well-prepared for any cyber incident.

How can we enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our security detection and monitoring capabilities?

Our Solution: Our specialised advisory services help establish, optimise, and manage your Security Operations Center (SOC) capabilities, providing validation services to assess operational effectiveness.

How can we protect our data, identities, and infrastructure from cyber attacks?

Our Solution: By leveraging Microsoft's comprehensive set of tools and services, we ensure robust protection for your data, identities, and infrastructure.

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