Cyber Resilience

Cyber resilience, the key to proactively protecting your organisation

Helping our clients protect against threats, ensure continuous operations, and quickly recover from incidents.

Is your organisation resilient in the face of cyber threats?

BDO's cyber team has experience across crisis management, cyber security exercises, security operations and Incident response and investigation services for all types of organisations.


How BDO can help

  • Crisis management: Develop incident response plans, business continuity strategies, and disaster recovery solutions to manage crises effectively
  • Cyber security exercises: Conduct simulated cyber security exercises to assess your incident response capabilities and identify areas for improvement
  • Security operations: Provide specialised advisory services for establishing, optimising, and managing Security Operations Center (SOC) capabilities, as well as validation services to assess SOC operational effectiveness
  • Incident response and investigation services: Assisting clients in responding to and investigating security incidents to minimise impact and prevent future occurrences (with support from BDO Forensic team)

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