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Making cyber security more accessible through enablement services

BDO’s cyber enablement services endeavour to make cyber security more accessible, efficient and business-ready. We are focussed on the ecosystem benefits of the Microsoft platform, and a ‘use what you have’ approach to leveraging security ROI.

The Cyber Enablement team looks to ‘move the needle’ on security by finding and solving typically intractable security issues at scale. 

Do you need help with your cyber security?

Our experienced team can help you protect your business by providing tailored cyber security services.


How BDO can help

  • Microsoft partnership: BDO is a Global Security Partner of the Year awarded organisation, and BDO leverages international scope, with local experience, focussed on large-scale C-level issues of compliance, security program development, data privacy and AI readiness in conjunction with our larger group. 
  • Dashboards and reporting: Using the power of large-scale data and security telemetry the Security Enablement team provide actionable insights and comprehensive visibility to enable quick and accurate security decision making.  
  • Data protection: With privacy risks becoming more prevalent across all industry verticals and sizes, the need for data protection has never been more critical. Modern data protection can be human-centric and effective at scale, and BDO specialises in building the technology to enhance a data protection program, enabling organisations to confidently execute on a data protection program.  
  • Security automation: The BDO Cyber Security Enablement team uses leading edge technologies such as Infrastructure as Code, Low Code, APIs and modern automation capabilities to enhance the usability, functionality and reach for an organisation.  
  • Security design: The BDO team can provide advice and execution on designing systems and software securely, using a set of robust controls and defined processes.  This can be integrated with other security processes such as Threat and Risk Assessments, integrated into consolidated Security Architecture, or serve as inputs to secure development processes as required.
  • Security programs: Using deep transformational and execution experience, experience with execution of security frameworks, and knowledge of the pitfalls in execution of modern security technologies, BDO can provide advice on the proper weighting, reporting and execution of an organisation's security program. 
  • Security assessment: Security Assessments require a delicate balance of risk, technical expertise, and organisational empathy, while placing any assessment within the control structure matrix in place. BDO can assist in the proper assessment and placement of an assessment within typical security projects, changes, architectures or internal audit and risk programs.  
  • OT security: With a history of developing innovative and right-sized solutions for utility and critical infrastructure clients, BDO can assist organisations in all aspects of their security program, melding the differing requirements of OT environments with our knowledge of up-to-date security controls, and experience of the interactions that benefit organisations.  
  • Security framework alignment: With our automation, GRC, security control and security assessment expertise, the BDO Security Enablement team can assist organisations in assessments against a standard such as AESCSF, NIST CSF or Essential 8, as well as the holistic activities required to align, or gain compliance to a standard.  
  • AI security framework alignment: AI is an innovative field, with rapidly changing controls, applications, data exposure and legal constraints, managing AI risk is extremely difficult.  Using BDO’s data security experience, data governance experience, legal experience and direct AI implementation experience the Security Enablement team can lead assessments, the implementation of controls, and training on AI for clients.   

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