Ten steps to set your digital project up for success | eBook

Ten steps to set your digital project up for success | eBook

Digital implementation creates, delivers, and optimises business strategies and processes, and any digital implementation will likely become a project requiring specific consideration.

Formalising a plan is always important to enter a project confidently and to gain greater certainty that you will deliver it successfully. 

Based on our experience assisting clients with their digital projects and transformation, we have compiled our top ten critical success factors to set your digital project up for success. Having a well-documented and agreed-upon formal plan and approach for each of these ten success factors will avoid delays in implementing your project.

Focusing on these factors will ensure the project is delivered and the benefits to the organisation are fully capitalised.

Our ten steps to success for digital projects outlined in our eBook include:

  1. Document case for change
  2. Governance
  3. Stakeholder engagement
  4. Delivery approach and program management
  5. Scope and schedule
  6. Procurement and contracting
  7. Financial management
  8. Resource management
  9. Quality and testing
  10. Benefits


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