• Sustainability webinar series

Sustainability webinar series

17 August 2022

BDO is proud to launch our 2022 ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) webinar series. Sustainability, or ESG, can appear to be a complex web of inter-related concepts and issues. We aim to break that down into digestible pieces, so you can get on top of the fundamentals and start driving change in your organisation, at any stage of your ESG journey.

Our webinar series covers the following topics over the course of several months:



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13 October 2022

Decarbonisation 101

The impact humans are having on the global climate is rapidly increasing in significance for citizens, organisations and governments around the world.

In Decarbonisation 101, we’ll take an introductory look at what decarbonisation is, highlight some of the market conditions to be aware of, and discuss why your organisation needs to develop a carbon reduction plan. We’ll provide a practical approach to the steps you can start to take, as well as the road signs to look out for as your mature your strategy.

3 November 2022

ESG-linked remuneration

As the concept of ‘good corporate citizenry’ continues to evolve, Boards and Directors need to view company success in more ways than just profit and reputation. With sustainability and broader stakeholder demands playing pivotal roles in company strategy, more organisations are looking to link executive reward structures with ESG (that is, environmental, social and governance matters).

Join us for a discussion about the rise of ESG-linked remuneration, its challenges, and the opportunities for Boards and Directors to establish meaningful and appropriate targets and rewards.

1 December 2022

ESG due diligence

Investors and lenders alike are increasing the scrutiny they place on company ESG practices to support more informed, strategic investment decisions. When run alongside the traditional financial due diligence, a sound ESG due diligence process can create greater value for portfolio companies, investors and stakeholders more broadly.

So how do you make sure your ESG due diligence adds value to any acquisition process, or that you put your best foot forward if your organisation is the subject of ESG due diligence? In this webinar, we’ll delve into the process, the opportunities and risks to consider, and the benefits for all parties.



Demystifying the ESG process

This webinar examines the impact ESG is having on organisations and will provide guidance for those embarking on their ESG journey. We will look at the nature of the business problem created by ESG, as well as the risks and opportunities associated with a commitment to act.

We will share examples of how some organisations have chosen to approach the issue – what commitments they make, how they measure performance and what formats they choose to communicate progress.



ASSESS: Establish a roadmap and start the current state assessment

Conducting a desktop review of current policies and procedures, identifying what is already in place and how it might demonstrate pre-existing ESG commitments. We will also consider appropriate reporting frameworks for your organisation’s ESG reporting requirements and examine the growing popularity of the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB).



PRIORITISE: Materiality assessments and stakeholder engagement

This webinar looks at how to effectively engage stakeholders, both internally and externally. It examines the factors that drive value when conducting materiality assessments, including which stakeholders to engage, what issues to raise with them, how to address the relevancy of their responses and what you can do to influence outcomes.  

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MEASURE: Calculate your ESG maturity

Understanding how to calculate the current level of ESG maturity across a business is critical to setting a ‘baseline’ from which to improve. We also examine how to determine gaps between current performance and desired future state, so you can identify initiatives required to cross the ‘maturity gap’.

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REPORT: Preparing and finalising your Sustainability Report

Pulling it all together can be a challenge. We examine how to put your best ESG foot forward on your corporate reports, including agreeing format and content, developing drafts, gathering feedback and managing stakeholder expectations.

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Assurance over your ESG report

As ESG reporting standards mature and converge, how will you continue to satisfy growing stakeholder expectations that your reporting is robust, accurate and paints a true picture of your performance?


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