Scams Awareness Week 2023

27 November to 1 December

Spotlight on impersonation scams

Scams Awareness Week aims to encourage awareness and understanding of scams, the impact of scams, and how scammers operate.

Led by the Australian Competition and Consumers Commission (ACCC), on behalf of the Scam Awareness Network (SAN) and hosted by the National Anti-Scam Centre, the theme for this Scams Awareness Week centres on ‘Impersonation Scams’. According to Scamwatch, an alarming 80% of all scams reported across Australia are related to some form of impersonation of a legitimate entity.

BDO has partnered with the ACCC and Scamwatch for Scams Awareness Week 2023, to help people understand why it is essential to remain at the forefront of scam activity, and know the key signs to protect yourself and your organisation.

In continued support of Scams Awareness Week, BDO’s Forensic Services and Cyber Security teams have developed a range of resources addressing issues impacting Australian individuals and organisations, identifying the types of impersonation scams and explaining what you can do if you have been a victim of a scam.