Forensic Services

A comprehensive approach to risk and compliance

When your organisation is under threat - whether from fraud, corruption or legal challenges - you need to act swiftly to deal with issues before they escalate. More importantly, organisations should also be taking a proactive approach to risk and compliance so they are in a defensible position when a crisis or scrutiny occurs. This includes ensuring legal, ethical and regulatory compliance and having robust governance frameworks in place that are lived and breathed within an organisation.

How BDO can help

BDO's Forensic Services professionals can help you mitigate and resolve high-risk matters involving investigations, forensic technology, analytics and forensic accounting, and help organisations create and embed governance frameworks to retain value.

Backed by credible and senior professionals, BDO's Forensic Services team provides an integrated suite of services tailored to your specific needs, including:

We bring deep technical and industry-specific experience across a wide variety of sectors and disciplines. Our multidisciplinary team includes certified accountants, certified fraud examiners and forensic accountants, forensic technology professionals, licensed investigators, financial analysts, and former members of law enforcement.

Find out how we can help you prevent, detect and respond to risk in your organisation.

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