• Forensic Investigative Services

    Fraud and Corruption investigation


Forensic Investigative Services

Fraud and corruption represent a real risk for every organisation, whether you are a large corporate, small to medium enterprise, not-for-profit or government agency.

Fraud and Corruption investigation

BDO has a large team of local, national and international dedicated forensic services professionals, specialising in providing high quality, timely investigative services. With over four decades of combined law enforcement and regulatory agency experience, BDO’s Forensic Investigative Services team has extensive investigative knowledge and capability. From initial planning, through evidence preservation and analysis to conducting sensitive interviews, our proven investigation methodology has withstood scrutiny across all legal processes, both civil and criminal.

We also have a thorough property and exhibit management process to ensure the continuity and chain of custody are properly documented and maintained throughout the entire investigation.

What type of investigations does BDO handle?

In addition to traditional fraud and corruption investigations, BDO regularly conducts investigations in relation to:

  • Misconduct and Code of Conduct issues
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Unauthorised release or theft of corporate information or intellectual property.
  • Workplace Investigations
  • Whistleblower Reports
  • Forensic Technology Investigations.

We have deep technical experience and a strong reputation amongst clients and referrers as leading advisers in this area. The BDO team combine a unique combination of backgrounds and experience with leading case management systems and a proven methodology to produce the very best results for our clients.

Third party due diligence

Visibility in your supply chain, giving your business confidence

In today's global business environment undertaking due diligence when dealing with third parties mitigates risk across a multitude of areas such as money-laundering, trade sanctions, antitrust, and modern slavery compliance. It provides clarity and comfort that critical decisions are made with the most current information available.

Our Forensic Services team offer a suite of services with a genuinely worldwide reach. Our key service encompasses various levels of Integrity Due Diligence (IDD) including:

  • Providing in-depth insights in the context of stakeholders in a prospective acquisition, joint venture or strategic partnership
  • Undertaking assessments on suppliers, distributors, sales agents or executive recruitment, to fulfil regulatory or other compliance obligations.
  • Macro-level sector-focused Country Risk Analysis in conjunction with in-depth Integrity Due Diligence (IDD) work.